The Issue of Women’s Rights

July 30, 2020 by Essay Writer

The issue of Women’s rights is not a new one. For many years women have had their differences in the world. There have been many women who stood up for women as a whole and put their lives on the line to fight for their basic human rights which were against domestic violence, education, and gender equality.

Even though in this century things aren’t as bad as before. Although there are still problems women face today. For example, did you know that if a man and women work the same exact job, a man still earns 4% more? This goes to show that even though we can’t seem to see it in plain sight these ideals are still around.

One of the biggest issues that are around is Gender Equality. In so many countries around the world, there is an imbalance in men and women’s rights. Women still seem to have a problem being treated with the same respect and privileges as men. So many opportunities were lost for women because of their gender. For example in the US even though you would think since it is a First world country it wouldn’t deal with this but a woman with the same job as a man in the same company still earn much less than a man does.

Another issue is Education, so many girls and women in so many countries aren’t allowed to go to school because they are female. Many in developing countries still to this day believe women are meant to stay home and clean while men work and get educations. Even though in the last 50 years the percent of educating girls has gone up there are many places that till don’t allow education for women. Gender stereotyping falls under this too. For example, some stereotyping views that women are homemakers, and caregivers and that leads to so many families thinking what’s the point of sending their daughters to school if their gonna stay home. Also stereotyping about different physical and learning abilities leads to certain school subjects and teaching methods being gendered biased.

Furthermore, domestic violence is also another problem. The consequences of domestic violence, both physical and psychological, are so devastating that some consider it a form of torture. Domestic violence affects not only women with the problem and their children but also the entire community. Due to the problem of domestic violence in nearly every part of the world, women have problems that relate into, jobs, freedom and education.

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