The issue of imperialism in the Dead Men’s Path

June 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

Imagine one day you are enjoying peace amongst your family and a white man forces his way into your place of living, driving you to surrender your social convictions. While he discloses to you that he and his men are better finished than you, yet they are the foreigners. Simply not recognizing what’s in store, in result you end up feeling apprehensive. Presently you feel like the outsider in your own homeland that you’ve known your whole life to be yours. There are a few cases of writing on this theme such as “A Dead Man’s Path” written by Chinua Achebe, considering the measure of history that was being made at the time. English colonization and imperialists greatly influenced the locals by upstarting numerous equipped clashes amongst themselves, forcing new religious practices and making them have to survive horrid life threatening circumstances.

A Dead Men’s Path epitomizes how nations have distinctive beliefs, social convictions and different religions. At the point when the British attacked less developed nations, they craved for complete control over each part of their lives including religion. Locals weren’t as advanced and their nation wasn’t either, not as compared to the British.

A quick summary on “A Dead Man’s Path” to the audience who is not familiar with the story, Michael Obi’s aspiration is satisfied when, at age twenty-six when he is assigned the position of headmaster to a school which is to be considered backwards to most. Obi is said to be a young man who is vigorous and optimistic to say the least, Obi would like to tidy up the school by accelerating its goal of converting them into Christians. Obi hopes to firmly influence a great job of this terrific chance and display to individuals how a school ought to be. Intending to organize present day techniques and request exclusive expectations of educating to the people, while his spouse Nancy supports every choice he makes. Michael Obi plans to lift Ndume School from making retrogressive methods to a position of in which new school revisions will supplement the people of Ndume town’s way of living. Then came one night when Obi finds a villager cutting over the plants that his wife planted on a pathway that connects the sacred burial ground and the town altar. Completely appalled by the lady’s unmitigated invasion of school property, he then arranges the holy genealogical trail to be surrounded by gates with spiked metal tips, much to alarm the villagers that they are not welcome to use his compound as a high way for their religious nonsense.

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