The Issue Of Accepting A Change In Who Moved My Cheese

May 18, 2022 by Essay Writer

A very compelling book, Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and In Your Life written by Spencer Johnson. There are four main characters that the book talks about, Sniff and Scurry (who are little mice) and Hem and Haw (little beings who are human like) who find themselves in a “maze” looking for “cheese”. The purpose of this piece of writing is to review this amazing book, its characters and the information that encapsulates it, as well as any negatives and personal thoughts that came to mind whilst reading the book.

The saying “the only constant in life is change” is one which is brought to light in the book. An introduction which is wonderfully done to ease readers into the main story and allow them to follow through as the writer talks about change and how many react to it either positively or otherwise. Readers will be able to better understand the sayings as well the main idea of the writing and help them integrate it into their lives helping them as individuals, and being the change, they need without being left behind as change occurs around them. The author’s use of various characters to better help readers relate with the story and carry out his information shows the kind of research, thought and effort he put into his book.

There are many lessons readers can learn and realize about themselves and others around them from reading the book. The factors responsible for change and how we adapt are whether internally and/or externally as in the case of haw who not only had to change how he thought but also who and what he listened to, for if he had continued to allow his fears and the pessimistic nature of hem influence him would have stayed at where he was and met his end and would have never found the new Cheese and the lessons he learnt on the way. One thing that can also be taken to account as humans some are born to privileges of life and have little to no worries and look down on others when growing up so the feel entitled to everything. Just like Hem who thought due to his high intellect and the gifts he was born with was all that he needed and couldn’t learn anything from the mice who were below him.

What I personally realized about myself after reading the book is that I’m more of Haw and Sniff in the sense that though I am able to sense or “sniff” the change and realize it’s happening or has happened but I am reluctant to change along with it unless it reaches a dire situation where I would no choice but to accept it and not let my fears that prevented me from acting earlier on dominate and control my actions. An instance was when I first came to the realization of Christ and was born again, it became very difficult to walk and talk with some the people I knew without saying something that sounded somewhat offensive to them. I had to live a dual life where I had different personalities to please everyone. It was later when a friend who saw what the dilemma I was in and helped me to be able to deal and live just one life and change all those who didn’t agree with the character of the new me. It wasn’t easy but was worth it. This is a book I would recommend for all sundry and anyone dealing with change and/or ready to be the change they desire.


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