The Intriguing Character of Iago in Othello

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

Iago is the antagonist of Shakespeare’s play Othello. Iago is a big factor in this play. Although he is very clever and cunning, he uses his skills for evil. Perhaps one of the most intriguing Shakespeare characters, Iago is a fanatic villain. What makes him a fantastic villain is that he may have no motivation at all. He controls the action in the play in one of the most obvious yet nefarious ways possible. Throughout the play he manipulates almost every character, mainly Othello. It seems to be that the motivation behind Iago destroys Othello’s life is not exactly specified. In fact, Iago is simply carrying out his sinister plans for petty reasons and out of spite. Iago hates the Moor and does not understand why a black man would be any position of power and feels if he can’t be the one with power then no one can. Iago is very important since he single handedly causes Othello’s downfall, the downfall of those around him and eventually his own downfall. He did this because Othello married the girl of his own dream which is Desdomona.

I believe that Iago make unjust choices in the play. The reasons I believe that because he doesn’t think of his choices very thoughtful at all. Iago action to me is unwise because he can handle it in a better way instead of going around lying to mess up people’s lives. Iago can’t get mad because Desdomona doesn’t love him and wants to be with Othello. Iago is a flat character because he remains the same throughout the whole play.

Iago’s main motivation throughout the whole play is to gain revenge on Othello. To do so, Igago comes up with the most evil plans ever. He confides in Roderigo to help him ruining Othello’ life. Iago is motivated by hate. He clearly states “hates the moor”. Iago feeling of hatred towards Othello is one of the main themes of the play. Iago’s individual goals include tricking Othello into thinking ill of his wife and demoting Casio his position of lieutenant. Iagi affects Desdoman and his own wife, Emilia while tricking Othello. Desdomona has no clue as to why her husband is acting this way and so she and Emilia do their best to conceive him otherwise. By demoting Cassio, Iago affects himself, Desdoman and Othello. Iago is now placed as lieutenant and Othello has to deal with the idea of Cassio committing adultery with his love. Desdoman is affected because she believes that Cassio deserves a second chance and lead Othello to believe that they have a relationship.

Iago is many different things such as jealous, cunning, creative, and manipulative. He is by far the most genius character and the most complex. His personality is so layered, it is hard to see all of the parts. Iago is able to identify weaknesses of others and play them to his advantage. Iago is very jealous; his jealousy of Cassio as lieutenant and of Othello when he heard of Emilia sleeping with him. His jealousy is what given as his motivation for all of his diabolical plans. Iago changes his personality to fit what those around him will trust. This makes him very two faced and allows him to deceive people. Everyone knows him as “Honest Iago” when really he is ”Despicable Iago”. Iago manipulates everyone in the play. They are his puppets and he is pulling the strings so his plan plays out perfectly.

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