The Influence Of Technology On The World

December 9, 2020 by Essay Writer

The recent advancements in technology have meant that it has developed a huge reliance on technology by humans, we live with technology all around us, in our homes, schools and even pockets or wrists. And in the future, we will most likely gain more of a dependence on technology. There have been many advantages that have come out of modern technology, such as it has allowed becoming globalized, this is as we can communicate across the globe instantly over the internet. Only 40 years ago there was no such thing as the internet. In this essay, it will explore two main points linked to my main question. Firstly, the essay will explore how technology has linked the world, optimized many aspects of our lives and how it enables us to be better humans because of it. On the other hand, it will explore how the exponential advancements of technology have potentially made us complacent and unsociable.

The modern world is filled with new technology, with the recent advancements in the manufacturing process of computer processing units (CPU), it means that computer chips are getting more efficient, more powerful, all while getting smaller. This has caused a huge improvement in artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is defined as the intelligence that is displayed by machines. Some scientists have claimed that the current exponential advancements in AI have caused many people to become surrounded by the technology, and have instant communication from other sides of the globe. In the recent years now 51.7% of the world population use the internet daily, this has increased from 0.4% in December 1995.

In the first article that I will address, is from Forbes magazine, this article outlines over the past 5 years how the world had developed and evolved, due to the rise in technology. In the article, they highlight that computer programs have developed to the point that they are beating the world champions in GO, (an obscure board game of pure luck), just over 5 years ago the programs couldn’t have even beaten an unskilled amateur. This source is evidently for the change in technology and highlights how the world has changed for the better. The source was written by James Altchuer, he is an author, entrepreneur and wall street investor. The strengths of this article are that they have much experience in writing as they are a credited author, Alutcher has written many other articles all on different topics this shows that he is a wide ranged article author and he knows how to investigate and find out information as this article was well informed and very objective, there weren’t many opinions in the article and this means that the information in the article is very relevant. Forbes magazine itself, where the article was posted, is a well-credited business magazine and this indicated that they are a reliable source to gain information from, this the means that the information gathered from one of their articles can be seen as truthful and trustworthy. However, the article is written by someone who has no scientific background, this could mean that the information in the article can be reliable but not truthful and accurate, this means that any statistics found on the article could be incorrect, thus discrediting the article.

The second article that I will address, is from the Huffington Post, the article shows how much communication has changed since the development of technology. It covers the rise in use of social media and how it connects each other over the internet from the comfort of our own home, but I also addresses that we could of gone to far with social media, highlighting that many people feel the need to have a different personality online to their real life, thus causing people to have a great deal of self-worth and high expectations, however, the article shows that people haven’t gone too far it is just that they haven’t become conscious of how dangerous social media can be and if they want they can remove themselves from it completely as there are no mandatory requirements to have a social media account and post on it. The author of this article is Dr Carol Morgan, she has a PhD in communication. This means that she has a scientific qualification, this means that all of the information in the article has come from someone who has knowledge and credit in this type of subject, this thus allows her article to be reliable and relevant, but also truthful so any information in the article can be used and seen and the truth. For the final source that I will address it suggests that technology can be seen as having a good side, a bad side, and an ugly side. The Article written by Elyse Freeman, comments on how the world has come to adapt to the rise in modern technology. The source highlights that your phone has now replaced many aspects of modern day life that was usually only done with considerable efforts, such as banking, there are many apps that allow you to control your money and also monitor it, there are also services that allow you to type in an address and it give you directions in a matter of seconds. The article was posted on a website called Penna Powers, this is a website based in Utah. The article was written by someone who has no credible degrees, this means that the source can be seen as relevant as the article focuses on technology changing the world but it cannot be seen as reliable as they are only giving opinions with no credible research to back it up.

On the flip side, the world has also seen some very negative aspects that have come out of the advancement in technology, there have been much more advanced weapons being mass produced, there is a new threat of cybersecurity to the world, and even a danger to flights from dangerous drones flying. This has caused many people to question if the world has gone too far with some technology as these people see the rise in technology deteriorative to your health, as we now spend more and more time plugged into these devices especially in the youth. In an article from the New Zealand Herald, it suggests that from early age children have been exposed too much to technology and it is making them more reliant on technology as they grow older compared to maybe only 30 or even 20 years ago. It gives evidence from a survey that found that 78% of parents of children aged 5 to 7 said their child could use a mobile phone and 89% can use the TV remote. This means that the modern age is filled with technology and the world has introduced these young children at an early age. And a study shows that the rise in the anti-social use of social media has increased since 2007. This article is well accredited as the author has published many articles about science and technology, the article also includes numerous references to studies and scientific research.

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