The Imagery In Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland

June 22, 2022 by Essay Writer

Alice is resting on her sister’s lap at a common afternoon. Unexpectedly,she sees an abnormal rabbit who is has a watch and saying: “Oh God, I’m running lap. Alice is much curious then chase the rabbit to a rabbit hole leads to a crazy phantasm world.

After arriving the destination where the rabbit hole ends. Alice is trying to track the location of the rabbit. Unfortunately, Alice was not able to detect where the rabbit goes. But Alice discovers a very tiny door compare to her size, which leads to a lovely garden. After many difficulties and trials about the size of passing through the tiny door, Alice was finally able to enter tiny door.

Alice encounters many ridiculous creatures along the venturesome in the Wonderland. Alice had run into an arrogant Duchess, the rulers of the wonderland, a cat that warned Alice that creatures at here is always mad, and a Cheshire Cat which can turns into a scary smile that baffle Alice. She also attends a boring tea party with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. Alice thinks the tea party is the most stupid event that she had ever attended. After many unexpected experiences at the wonderland, Alice is now confuses about her identity as everything happens goes different or opposite from what she once knew and believed. She had no choice but try to adjust her physical dimensions and thinking to fit in the surrounding.

Alice participates the trial of the Knave of Hearts compulsorily. During the process, the Queen has orders many executions. But none of the orders was actually implemented.

Alice is called to be the witness the trial of the Knave of Hearts who had been suspected of committing stealing. When the confrontation is going on, Alice uncontrollably of growing tall and explanation has offended the Queen of Hearts. The Queen then demands to terminate Alice’s life. Alice grows to full size and stands up against the Queen of Heart. Where Alice was calm and start thinking about all the things. Alice realized all this are just a dream of her, she could control it by waking up. She then stand up for herself and tells the Queen that they are nothing but just a deck of play card. Like how could a mere manifestation of an object do something to her?

Alice wakes up on her sister’s lap again and knew everything was her own imagination. Alice tells her sister about those adventures she experiences at Wonderland. Indeed, Alice will keeps her childlike, adventurous, and bravely spirit when she grows old. 


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