The Horrors of Scarlet Fever as Depicted in the Novel Frankenstein

June 7, 2022 by Essay Writer

In this essay about the scarlet fever and how it affected people through all its stages and what it was involved with within the Mary Shelley’s, “Frankenstein”. So that some may be informed about the things and knowledge of the fevers history and impact in the real world and the book. Not only will I be talking about that I will also be talking about how the book used scarlet fever to get to some of the books biggest climixes of the entire story. Using the fever as a big impact upon the at the time young Frankenstein’s life.

Upon reading, “Frankenstein” we had all realized one thing. That in the book the main characters father and young mother had died upon getting a nasty fever called the Scarlet Fever. And it all started with a few beginning symptoms such as the characters had sore throats, chills, and of course headaches. Which then later on had transformed into even worse effects such as swollen tonsils, red creases on armpits and elbows, and the most common side effect high fever. The only thing they could use to treat the fever was to use antibiotics so it can help the strep.

Now the people which were affected by the fever in real life not the book were mainly people like young children and the elderly men and women. But out of the two groups affected by the fever the kids were the main victims causing about 80% of the youth to be infected by the fever. While they had the fever they lived very poorly knowing nothing but pain and constant headaches and nasty rashes. The fever was caused by the same bacteria that causes strep throat. So when it was first coming up people were wondering what caused strep to evolve in such a way that it was now killing people and they eventually found out that it wasn’t an evolution but the start of something new called scarlet fever.

Now in the story scarlet fever was the thing that killed frankenstein’s parents so after the death of his mother. Frankenstein turns his work from alchemy into something extraordinary peculiar and odd. He makes his new main research into the reanimating the dead things and people. So while at ingolstadt he had changed his main research topic and shifted towards more sinister studies. And those are the main things I found that had been main connections in the chilling story of frankenstein and the deadly scarlet fever.


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