The History Boys Essay

August 17, 2021 by Essay Writer


The play, “The History Boys” is a fascinating and interesting text by Alan Bennet. The play is really though-provoking, intensely moving, whereby it is of great depth as well as dazzle and fun. The author, Alan Bennet has demonstrated his expertise in play writing through the interesting and fascinating nature of the play. It is worth noting that the play is immensely funny and deep-wrought whereby nothing cloud can diminish its incendiary achievement.

The core theme addressed by the author is the meaning of education. This theme has been perfectly presented by the author through the brilliantly funny characters and smooth plot. These phenomenons make the play moving, disquieting and heart brimful. The play represents the real happenings in the school setup, whereby unruly behavior of students is demonstrated. This has been demonstrated to have had significant impact on education and the overall operations in the school setting.

The play has provided an explicit overview of the real nature of the school setup. In this case, the staffroom rivalry as well as the anarchy of adolescence is demonstrated. The nature of instructing history as well as its core nature has been explored in the play. The play has also sought to demonstrate the concept of education and its purpose.

The play revolves on the unruly behavior of the students in the learning institutions. In this case, the unruly bunch of bright boys who are identified as funny sixth-forth boys in great pursuit of sport and sex is illustrated. The place of the students in the universities also offered a special attention by the author.

The development and nature of the play, “The History Boys” is really admirable and eye catching to the audience. The play has proved to be thought-provoking, funny and hugely successful. To begin with, the characters in the film have been professionally presented in undertaking their various roles.

The characters are beautifully created and lovable. This makes the play interesting to watch and read about. This is evident from the confused homosexual youth posner to the obsessed with league results, and the stresses icy headmaster. Each of the characters has been able to demonstrate their roles with great humor and expertise thus making the play to be interesting.

The amusing comments and witty one liner have contributed in making the play extremely amusing. This has also made it deeply serious whereby the purpose and issues concerning education have been outlined. The theme issues of inevitable competition and homosexuality among the youth in educational context has been efficiently presented by the characters and admirable plot of the play.

The phrase, “History Boys” is used symbolically to refer to thousands of hopeful Oxbridge candidates each year who demonstrate the lows and highs of studying and the joy of learning. This aspect has made the play a timeless jem.

The play is highly thought provoking as presented by the distinct traits of the characters. For instance, the character of teacher Hector is portrayed as a great conviction is extremely impressive and intellectually brilliant. This personality is however contradicted by the fact that he is a fallible human being overwhelmed by desires and temptations.

Based on this situation, a great sympathy is evoked from the readers thus making the play even more effective. The competency and expertise of the author is clearly demonstrated in the presentation of these scenes thus making the play a powerful text.


In summation, it is clearly evident that the playwright has realized his objective. The plot, scenes and characters in the play have been excellently presented, thus making the play worth watching. The themes concerning the purpose of education, the inevitable competition among adolescent, the staff room rivalry and the height of immorality has been clearly presented in the play.

It is notable that the play is thoroughly enjoyable in the sense that, it lights both stage and mind. It can here be categorized as one of the rare plays which a person feels to watch time and again by learning something new each time.

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