The Formation Of The Main Character During The Text In The Lamb To The Slaughter

May 18, 2022 by Essay Writer

Mary Maloney, a housewife in her sixth month of pregnancy, is waiting for her husband to return home. It is a Thursday night, and they usually eat out. Patrick announced to her that he is going to divorce Mary. The husband communicates that “it’s kind of a bad time,” promising to provide for her financially, but asks her not to make any “fuss,” as it would be bad for his job in the police department. The announcement that she will lose the man around whom her world revolves puts Mary into a daze of unbelief. Instead of debate with Patrick, she goes on as if nothing has happened. She chooses a frozen leg of lamb for the meal.

Patrick was walking into the living room and telling her that he does not want dinner and Mary moves behind and hits him over the head with the leg of lamb. Mary realizes that she will take legal consequences because she has killed Patrick. she fears for her unborn child, who might die if she is executed. She prepares the leg of lamb and put it in the oven to eliminate the devices of the crime. She rehearsed the words that she will use with the police until she goes to the supermarket and acts normal as if nothing happened. Mary calls the police and reports that Patrick Maloney has been killed. Two police officers arrive, a doctor, two detectives, a police photographer, and a man who knew about fingerprints at the house and begin the investigation into Patrick’s murder with her story about going to the grocer and coming back without knowing what had happened to him. She made sure that both the police and detectives saw her as a poor pregnant who was always there for her husband. She showed sorrow for his husband died while she was crying and talking the story to the detectives. The investigator was looking for a weapon in the house or for something that may be missing. the doctor says the back of Patrick’s head was broken to pieces. the murder weapon was eaten by the detectives is one of the most famous examples of the “perfect crime” story. She tries all the time to persuade them to divert them in the investigation and make them believe that it was just an accident.

My opinion about the piece is that it shows a negative and interesting twist to the plot because at the beginning of the story shows Mary as a humble and quiet woman who is at home waiting for her husband to take care of him. But, at the end of the story shows that she is not who she appears to be. In reality, she is a calculated woman capable of killing and tries anything possible to show weakness and that she is not guilty or a suspect in her husband’s death. Which is all to the contrary. She killed her husband only because he wanted to leave her and she was not prepared to accept that reality.


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