“The Flowers” by Alice Ordinary

November 3, 2020 by Essay Writer

“The Flowers” by Alice Ordinary could be a rude explanation written within the 1970’s. The Narrator focuses on Myop, a 10 rank grey African yankee clear United Nations (service business/government unit/power/functioning) likes to explore the step off during which she lives. (Mark Walker, 2003)

Myop decides to pass hidden/covered up in public distance from our Sharecropper cabin and passage (unable to be understood or broken through) depths (middle part) the (land area owned or controlled by someone) to non-native land wherever she discovers the rotten body of an African yankee man. Its work out Myop right away grows on each part/face and bang becomes clever of the bottom during which she lives. The being like other people depends on coordination and relevance is clearly connected with or related to the low-class and offensive of agreeable innocence.

The story itself uses (using physical things to show huge ideas or feelings) to show completely totally different parts of what went on at the time. Like flowers is used to go to innocence and purity within Myop. The wild pink flower used towards the tip is used as (using physical things to show huge ideas or feelings) “really on the edge of where she’d stepped into the highest was a wild pink rose”. The flower was sort of (physical issue that refers to a plan or emotion) sort issue, it shown (by using an object to represent a plan or emotion) the young and innocent Myop inside the center of a cold world full of violent/difficult truths. Parts of weather are used to describe a possible future event what is returning.

Alice Walker tells US relating to Myops trip through the woods. On the strategy she approaches things that show (by using a physical object to represent an idea or emotion) a deeper which hints. A symbolism is once the author uses Business partner in Nursing object or respect to add deeper meaning to a story. (Evans, 2016) Three symbols which can be explained within the short story ¨Flowers¨ square measure are the short, modulated stick, the rope tied in a loop that gets tight around a person’s neck, and strange blue flowers.

With Myop innocence being stripped away from seeing a dead body is messed up and these things are still going on today. Many people see dead bodies daily and most are kids. They don’t know how to handle the bad (things that happen after other things) of a(rotting/becoming ruined/worsening) body. The loss of innocence, and it is explored through repeating ideas like death, violence, and(rot/decompose/fall into ruin).

The Author’s plan/purpose is to explore ways in which children come to lose their innocence when they are exposed to the (very simple/rough and rude) reality of existence. Note also that the author might also have had a hidden plan/purpose with the short story, related to violence against African-Americans. As we know, Alice Walker is a strong fight/fighter for African-American Rights. The fact that Myop from the story has dark skin and that the man was tall (a feature often connected with African-American men) and died hanged, maybe a hint of violence against African-Americans during slavery.

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