The Fall Of The House Of Usher By Edgar Allan Poe: The Feeling Of Scare

November 3, 2020 by Essay Writer

Have you ever been scared? It isn’t the greatest feeling in the world. But some people enjoy being scared. A transformation plays a role in stories meant to scares us by transforming in stories meant to scare us by transforming into something scary. Like in “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Edgar Allan Poe. The girl was buried alive and then transformed into a ghost. She scared usher and killed him by fear. One time i was going to the graveyard to visit my great grandpa. I was walking at night and i thought i saw my great grandpa. So I ran to him and it was him He was a ghost. I was scared he tried chasing me bc i started running from him because it was a ghost. Many things can make things even more scary by having it in a graveyard or as in “The fall of the house of usher” they were in a old big mansion and things kept happening to that point.

Many things can be scary just because of the place you are in. I don’t think i would of ran from my grandpa if he wasn’t in the sematary. Transformation plays a role in many stories meant to scare us by transforming into something. In the “fall of the house of usher” they made it seem scary even before the narrator enter the house. By putting a graveyard in the front. When he entered the house it was pitch black and you can barely see anything. The house was creaking the whole time he was in there too. When they brought her down to the place they buried here. Usher says no one really goes down there so there was a bunch of cobwebs and it was dusty. So it was a bunch of things leading into the end when she Popped out of nowhere and scared usher. The narrator was transforming throughout the story because he thought the girl was still alive. So he was paranoid the whole story. At the end he was actually scared because the girl killed usher and he had to run out of the house, the house started falling apart when he left. When there is a scary situation both the person getting and scared and the thing that scares them transform throughout the situation.

The person getting scared are mostly scared throughout the whole story. “The fall of house of usher” the girl was quiet but nice to usher but she was sick and they thought she died so they buried her. The girl probably was mad that they buried her alive so she came back and haunted them.

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