The Example Of Antithesis In Bellamy’s Story

June 22, 2022 by Essay Writer

The author, Bellamy, revealed that Julian has insomnia, and in the large wooden mansion of his who was left by three generations of his family (p.16, Bellamy), he could not sleep at all other than being in a chamber. Then, he fell asleep and the unexpected happened. Soon, there was a long conversation of the realization that Julian has slept from 1887 to 2000, who thought he only had a great nap. Meanwhile, Julian thought he was in heaven. The person who found him, Dr. Leete, started to convince Julian that he has, in fact, slept over a hundred years and is now in the “future”. At this point, the author has implemented the subconscious of Julian into the story, with Julian being powerless to the unfair world that he suffers in. Everything has changed for the better, to the point where the issues that Julian was experiencing in the 1880s, were all gone. Major problems such as unequal access to education, income inequality, poverty, class differences and so on, they were no longer an issue. It is because the countries are now responsible for fairly distributing goods and money to people of different classes and backgrounds so that they are no longer being discriminated against, and everyone has the right to education before the age of twenty-one.

One of the original roots of evil was money, where it no longer existed as well. “There is neither selling or buying nowadays; the distribution of goods is affected in another way. As to the bankers, having no money we have no use for those gentry.’ (p.40, Bellamy). On the other hand, without a doubt, parties and politicians were also gone, yet Julian thought that these factors have changed human nature, but, Dr. Leete argued that only the conditions of human life have changed. (p.31, Bellamy). Despite the real world and the world that Julian is living in, human nature does not dictate the world. Our world can be easily changed in the hands of the right organization of society, if it was not being misused for private profit, which Julian’s “future” world has focused on. People have to put in the same amount of work, prices in the market are no longer being abused and controlled by capitals, people receive the same amount of goods no matter what and who they are, and to look back compared to what history had to offer, it is the improved version of communism. In the history of economic thought, Utopian socialists’ economic thought emerged as the antithesis of the bourgeois political economy. The economic theory in the 18th century was the opposite of the contemporary bourgeois economic theory. According to The Complete Works of Marx and Engels, (p.260, Marx,), Utopian communism in the 1830s and 1940s was the antithesis of contemporary vulgar political economy.

Therefore, Utopian socialists believed that the ideal society of socialism should be built based on human reason and justice. Therefore, Bellamy has claimed that readers, will not be expecting Dr. Leete’s comments on humanity (p.44, Bellamy). This society has not yet emerged from what the “future” world has to offer because people do not recognize it. They feel that as long as a genius masters this idea and promote it, they can realize the ideal society in their hearts. Utopian socialists opposed capitalism and believed that the system of exploitation of capitalism is due to human beings’ moral and legal errors, which have betrayed human nature, and their purpose was to eliminate such errors (Nodrada, 2019).


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