The Different Lies of Kevin Trudeau

November 8, 2021 by Essay Writer

White-collar crimes are committed for the purpose of getting a financial gain. The crimes are most often times done through the internet, but can also be done in other ways as well. Kevin Trudeau used television as a way for him to advertise his book about weight loss, which was called The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You To Know About. The book made Kevin a millionaire when in reality the book was nothing, but lies. In the Kevin Trudeau case he was using television to advertise about his book that would guarantee you to lose weight. Kevin’s persuasiveness and good people skills were able for him to sell his products.

Kevin Trudeau has had a long history of trying to take advantage of others. Kevin has been in jail several previous times for other money crimes as well. Kevin Trudeau’s most recent white-collar crime included his book that was about weight loss. Trudeau was looked as a hero to those that purchased his book. Kevin made television appearances quite often where he would advertise his products. When Kevin was under investigation he would say that he didn’t have any money, when really he was putting money into separate accounts. Kevin had a mansion house in Chicago, a $230,000 dollar Bentley and lived in the 5th wealthiest country in the world. Kevin misleads customers into buying book and other products that he was advertising. Finally, a judge in a court in Chicago ordered him to pay back millions that he had stolen from customers. Kevin said he had no money and that it was all gone, but he was found in Switzerland wearing nice clothing and having an expensive watch on.

Kevin Trudeau was a selfish individual that used his advertising to take advantage of others. Although Kevin did this all on his own the only other suspects that could be involved or questioned would be those that he gave money too, which they than put into their accounts, such as his wife. With Kevin putting money into his wife account it eliminates the amount of attention and suspicious activities that Kevin might be up too. Unfortunately, the victims in this case were the innocent people that feel for Kevin and his products. Not only was he very persuasive, but also he had a way with selling his product to the audience. There should have been several red flags when Kevin had been previously arrested for money crimes in the past. Kevin had one product that was said to prevent cancer from ever occurring. If there were a pill to prevent cancer, it would be advertised throughout every single news station, not just through Kevin Trudeau.

Kevin case was discovered when Kevin was caught in advertising products that he was lying about. Kevin was previously on watch since he had been warned that he was not allowed to advertise products that did not have accurate proof to them. This all goes back to earlier in Kevin’s life when he had been in trouble for fraud and other money crimes as well.

The agency that conducted the Kevin Trudeau investigation was the FBI. They found Kevin and the activities that he was involved with. Not only was it the FBI, but a receiver was also sent to find and talk wit Kevin. Kevin was not in Chicago where everyone thought he would be, but was found in Switzerland the 5th richest country in the world, found wearing nice clothing and having nice personal belongings.

The Kevin Trudeau case was prosecuted in Chicago. The judge ordered Kevin to pay back millions of dollars that he had made off his book. Kevin refused to pay saying that he did not have any money so a Chicago judge gave him 10 years of jail. Chicago was also the location of one of the mansions that Kevin was living in during the time.

Kevin was ordered to pay back all the money that he had earned through his book. It was said that from the book alone that Kevin had made over 37 million dollars. When Kevin was forced to pay this back, but refused saying that he did not have any money left. All the money had been spent and given away. Kevin was given a total of 10 years of time in prison for refusing to pay back the money that he had stolen from people with this book that he was selling.

In a way theses crimes were all apart of Kevin Trudeau’s business. Kevin was a businessman that was involved with several different products that were sold to enhance someone physical features. When Kevin was under investigation and was questioned about all his personal belongings, he said that the company owned them. He said that his Bentley was a company car and so was the Chicago Mansion that Kevin was living in, this was all during a time when Kevin said that he did not have any money and was ordered by a judge to pay back the millions that he owed. Kevin had money, but tried lying by saying all theses products were owned by the company when really Kevin was paying for them himself with his money that he had hidden.

Prosecution occurred due to Kevin misleading people about the products that he was selling. His big seller was his book about weight loss, but Kevin had other products as well such as baldness cures, and even pills that could prevent from ever getting cancer. Prosecuting people such as Kevin can be difficult since they hid the money in other accounts that are owned and ran by other companies and family members. Kevin was using his wife and her savings accounts to store his money. Kevin, most likely has his money in other separate accounts as well. Everyone knows that Kevin made tons of money off his products that he was advertising; now the question becomes where is the money? With having this type of money its also tough to prosecute them since they are able to hire a top lawyer, which can settle a case down for them and fight against charges that are being charged against.

After looking at this case I can take away several different things. The first thing being is just cause something is being advertised on television does not mean that it is accurate. Kevin had no background information saying that all his products had been scientifically proven. Not only were his products fake, but he had also done jail previously for fraud, which should have been a sign to people that he is not trust worthy. I think another important thing that I learned in this case as well is those that participate in white-collar crimes often try hiding their money in other accounts. For example in this case Kevin was sentenced to ten years in jail for refusing to pay $37 million dollars back. Kevin says he does not have any of the money when realistically he has it somewhere whether its other accounts under certain peoples names or its hidden somewhere. Kevin like others that commit white-collar crimes only care about themselves. Kevin was so greedy in the large amounts of money that he was making he had no problem screwing people over to do so. All criminals that engage in theses type of crimes do not care for anyone, but themselves. The well being of their wealth out weighs everything else, and cause of that they are willing to go to extreme lengths to getting as much money as possible. One thing is for certain any that are involved with white-collar crimes do eventually get caught. They get caught due to the large amounts of money that they are stealing and how they are never satisfied with however much they might already have.

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