“The Diary of Anne Frank”

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Anne Frank- Anne is a thirteen years old Jewish girl. She’s a chatterbox, clever girl and she dreamed to be a writer, she is fanned of writing on what she is feeling or what had happen to her. She’s an emotional girl who’s empathic in some ways. She adores her father so much. Anne is somehow a jealous daughter/person. She’s obedient to her parents.

Margot Frank- She is Anne’s sister. Anne sees her as brilliant, pretty, “perfect” and everyone’s favorite. Margot only exist in Anne’s dairy in the cause of jealousy or anger, because of how their mom favored Margot so much.

Mrs. van Daan- The mother of Peter who is disagreeable, she and Edith Frank is not really in good terms because of their different perspective and on how she criticize the franks. She’s somehow lazy and egotistical. She’s flirtatious to Anne’s dad. She and Anne always have conflict because she keeps on correcting Anne’s actions. She is mean and sometimes vulgar.

Peter van Daan- The son of Mr. and Mrs. van Daan, Anne describe him as obnoxious, lazy and hypersensitive, he is stubborn at times. But later on they become close to Anne and become somehow a lover

Mr. van Daan- He is the Father of Peter who is egotistical, adamant, intelligent and pragmatic. He works with Otto Frank in one company as herbal specialist. He is temperamental and he speaks his mind.

Otto Frank- Anne’s Father, Anne sees her dad kind, intelligent, gentle and thoughtful. She loves her dad for his dad is the only person who understand and stands for her. He is somewhat conservative, protective and secretive when it comes to sexuality. He is smart and skillful business man. He had a strong character. He is the only one who survive the war.

Edith Hollander-Frank- Anne’s mom. Anne sees her as sentimental and critical, they always have misunderstanding. She lacks of affection to Anne’s.

Mr. Dussel- He is a dentist and acquainted to Otto Frank who help the Franks hide in the annex

Mr. Kraler (Kugler) – Is also one of the people who help the Franks in hiding in the annex

Miep Gies- She’s the secretary in Otto Frank’s office. Who also help the Franks. She was the one who hid the diary in her desk drawer, unread.

Bep Voskuijl- She is also one of the people who helps the Franks, she’s helpful to Franks the whole time the Franks were living in the annex

Mr. Voskuijl- Bep’s father

Jan Gies- he is the husband of Mieps

Peter Schiff- He was Anne’s love from sixth grade.

Hello Selberberg- He was the lover of Anne, but Anne sees him as a friend though they have somewhat romantic relationship

Setting: Secret Annex, is a proportion of Otto Frank and Mr. van Daan’s office. Anne stated it detail by detail in the diary where there is a staircase and there is another door. The easiest way to go to the annex but prohibited to be opened or else they will all be caught.

Point of View: First person point of view


Anne received a diary on her thirteenth Birthday and she started to pour out all her emotions, perceptions and what she observes. It consists of girlhood where she shares to kitty (diary’s name) about the boys who has crush on her, her friends, her academic performances, her sister and Parents.

The van Daan’s come to live with the Franks earlier than the day they scheduled, at first they all have good spirits, as their lives go on inside the annex, couple fight or fights between the family starts to breakout because of the stress all of them are feeling. And when Mr. Drussel come to live with them, it starts more of the fight because Mr. Drussel is arrogant person. Soon after all that, a thief breaks into the office below and they all try to be quiet but a lamp fell and it scares the thief but makes the thief knows someone lives up there. It scares everyone more.

After living the annex for 2 years, the phone downstairs ring and makes everyone confused. But Mr. Drussel thinks its Miep trying to contact them so he run downstairs but he’s too late because the ringing stops and the green police shows up and starts banging down the door. They calmly pack up their things, and wait for the green police to take them away to the concentration camp.

The green police finally get in and gives them time to pack up whatever they can carry on their person, and leave.

“deep down, I believe people are good” Otto Frank felt shame because after all what Nazi,or the German people put them through but still Anne believes that they are good at heart.

Theme: Racism, I thought of this as the theme because on how German put the slavery to Jewish people. They can’t enjoy their lives for there are limitations are Jewish could do.

Atmosphere: fear, Because we can feel and imagined how fearful the Frank’s and van Daan’s.

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