The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Summary

May 6, 2021 by Essay Writer

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney is Humor. Greg is a 12 year old kid who loves to get in trouble with his friends,family, and even the people he doesn’t know. He likes to talk about how he is cool and he has “every game in the world” and he’s so good. At the beginning of the book, Greg Heffley talks about how he thinks his life is a reality TV show. He believes his brothers, his parents, and all the other people in his life are just actors and robots. He also tries to come up with a catchphrase and doing things to make sure people keep watching. Greg then talks about how his relatives are watching him from heaven.

Greg’s mother, Susan, gave him money to buy books at the school book fair, but is disappointed when Greg spends the money on everything except books. She makes him return the things he bought and buy books instead,Greg buys books that she doesn’t approve. Greg then writes about how his mother is always saying that if he reads and is creative, he’ll discover new talents. Greg continues, ‘That’s a nice idea and all, but every time Mom’s tried to get me to step out of my comfort zone, I’ve fallen flat on my face.’ He then talks about times he tried writing poems and failed an advanced placement test. Greg concludes with ‘I guess EVERY parent thinks their kid is special, even when they’re not.’

Greg and Rowley work on the opening scene and storyboard it, then decide to film what they’ve written. However, after Greg spreads gummy worms in the yard for a scene, he sees the pig eating the gummy worms in the house. Then, Rowley notices a flock of geese in the yard, and the two come up with an idea to scare them off. Greg remembers a wolf mask Rodrick wore while trick-or-treating, and decides to get it from the basement. Down there, Greg accidentally triggers the electronic witch. It startles him and he grabs on to the shelf, which falls down. Rowley sprints out of the house and climbs up a tree, which is when Greg’s dad comes home.

In conclusion of the diary of a wimpy kid greg has to deal with tough choices. Like in paragraph 2 he had no choice but to join a special club but he has to learn to live with the decisions his mom or himself makes. From that point on he is pretty much a bad liar and a bad trouble maker throughout the whole story.

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