The Dark Arts

April 13, 2021 by Essay Writer

The Dark arts, unlike some wizards and witches may think, do not exist only for evil. They do require extreme will in doing them but they are much more efficient as offensive spells when compared with regular charms. (This does not apply to the “darkest art” according to a brief description from Harry Potter himself in the book ” how to fight against darkness” which held the compilation of all his battles against the dark lord Voldemort. – He explains that there is a reason why it should be concealed and that this sort of magic should not be said again, but it was “his greatest weakness and power” and to do so he had to destroy many ancient artefacts some that were even heirlooms from the house founders themselves -)

There are Jinxes, Hexes and Curses. They are all dangerous to some extent, therefore, knowing how to defend yourself is an extremely important method to survive( or live a happy life).

Morgan le Fay was one of the first dark wizards and witches that a Wyltt has ever heard of ( the story of our ancestor Myrddin Wyltt – Merlin the Wild – would always include her – the lady of the lake ( Audrey Loch) that would become Audrey Wyltt soon after marrying Myrddin – and all of the other legends from the story of King Arthur (the actually first Half-blood prince (or King) in history). Other dark wizards include Voldemort, some members from the houses Gaunt and Lestrange.

The intent and outcome to use the dark arts is what decides what will happen to the Wizard. Hexes and Jinxes can be dealt with, though Curses usually depend on the side of the user. Harry Potter himself has used all three of the Unforgivable Curses and is celebrated as a hero nowadays. The use of dark arts to save others can happen, but the heart of the user should be pure (therefore a proof that would deny his evil intents and should not give him a life sentence in Azkaban would be a complete Patronum .)

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