The Critical Analysis of Differences in Reading Tastes

June 7, 2022 by Essay Writer

Here we are going look into the reading life of five different people that are strangers to me. Reading life of every individual is different, some are interested in reading and some are not. Some do it for gaining knowledge and some for entertainment. I prepared few questions to start with, I asked people about their reading habits and what the prefer reading the questions were like what kind of books or text they read? What have they recently read and their favourite books? How much time do the spend reading? Can they read books while doing multiple works? What kind of books the enjoy reading? And can they suggest me some book that I must really read? And there best reading experiences? I got really amazing answers as part of my survey. So I met Preeti, a student of Botany in my college. I asked her what kind of books does she likes to read and she told me that she was more interested in fictional novels and more of romance, love stories and autobiographies. She started with the novel “the friend Request”, she is not a frequent reader as she read her last novel “Can Love Happen Twice” 1 year back. So I asked her about the current reading schedule and it was only for the exams, she suggested me to read “wings of Fire” by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

She also uses two languages to read that is Kannada and English. She also reads book if engaged in other job. The next person I met was Reichel and she is a PhD scholar in my college so her main interest is in reading comics and comedy for fun and entertainment, she recently read a book about children and how they make fun in prayers. Her all-time favourite is “Tinker”, she does not have any preference for reading she reads whatever she gets. She suggested me a book of brain games to learn how to play with peoples mind and observe and know them better. She cannot read while working, she usually prefers reading before going to bed because it gives her relief and works as a stress buster for her, she says it brings peace to her soul. The next person, Madhumita from commerce was not at all interested in reading books. She shared her past experience of reading in childhood. She loved reading stories because it has happy endings and comes out with a moral lesson to spread awareness and learning among the children.

But now she is totally turned out and needs peace for reading. Now after this dis-hearting discussion about reading I met an interesting person name Miriya Jones form 1st year BSc, she likes reading murder mysteries, her favourite book is “Shadow of the Wind”, she approximately reads 30 books per year she also likes erotica and has read “Fifty Shades of Grey” and “Gone Girl” she normally reads in silence and mostly during night she is so obsessed with reading that she can stay the whole night awake to read. Her favourite book is “Ugly Duckling” because it helps her overcome the reality with the beautiful ending of the story. The next person I met was Mohammad Afar form Computer Application he reads articles on the regular basic. The recently read article was based on Kerala floods, He loves reading articles because it is more informative and short in length. He also likes Action and Thriller and His favourite book is “Murder on the Orient Express”, he can read in three different languages like Hindi, Arabic and Hindi. He also suggested me reading his favourite book and mentioned his worst experience of reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” as he was traumatised and his best experience of reading “Hunger Games”. After knowing the reading life of these peoples I found that there are people with different taste of reading, ways of reading, method of reading and results of reading, it is not compulsory for everyone to read and enjoy same book or text their views and analysis of the text can vary according to their perspective. Some do it for entertainment and some for acquiring knowledge.


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