The Controversy of the Witchcraft Phenomenon

June 7, 2022 by Essay Writer

Witchcraft is a phenomenon that has attracted the minds of millions since the beginning of history. These so-called witches have caused fear, hatred, interest, widespread panic, and a variety of other emotions in other people from all over the world. Every society and civilization on this planet have all some form of witchcraft in their history. Witchcraft itself has a deep history of its own causing it to be recognized in pop-culture and modern society. Yet there are still people that are skeptical about this topic claiming to be impossible saying that it is against religion or that there is no evidence to prove the existence of witchcraft

Throughout history many cases and reports where made concerning witchcraft and sorcery. Many experts and professionals tried to investigate reports of haunting, possession, paranormal events, and other cases of magic. Paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren were associated with some of the most famous and important hauntings and paranormal occurrences.

On November 13, 1974 Ronald J. DeFeo Jr. murdered his entire family while they were sleeping and a year later a new family moved into that house but couldn’t last more then 28 days because of the violent hauntings that were occurring. Ed and Lorraine were called to investigate this house and confirmed that the house was actually a house used by a man in the 1900s that practiced black magic (spera 1). Other studies made by Loyd Auerbach that is a parapsychologist, ghost hunter, mentalist, and a professor at John F. Kennedy University proves that using tools like the electromagnetic field (EMF) can connect spirits or demons (Al Sacco 1).

Stories about witches that had the power to control people’s minds, weather, and were able to make potions have been popular in pop-culture. Events like the Salem witch trials have been talked about for many years. Stories like that of mother Shipton who was a very ugly female prophetess that lived in the 16th century. Her ugly appearance made people believe that she is the daughter of the devil. Despite this she was said to be England’s top clairvoyant (a person that can see the future) successfully predicting events many years after her death like the Spanish Armada, the Great Plague of London, the Great Fire of London, and some even say the Internet which she had this to say: ‘around the world thoughts shall fly in the twinkling of an eye.'(walker etal) But not all documented witches were in the past even today witches have survived and live in countries today like in Romania were witches make business with people for blessings, love potions, and even dark curses. The witches in Romania are so feared and respected that even government officials cannot interfere with them.(broadly)

Witchcraft or sorcery is practiced by the occult and many books have been written further spreading the teachings of these pagan traditions. Books like the goetia or the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum teaches the conjurer do summon demons and what type of demon is the conjurer summoning. But more modern and recent books spreading the teachings of wicca have been released to the public an example of this is the “Complete Book of Witchcraft” written by Raymond Buckland. The book is presented like a workbook-like way that allows new witches to go and work through the exercises by themselves. The book presents useful information like rituals, tools, and magic itself for readers to try out. (Dimokosta 1). Still after all this time modern witches still use these sources and books to further expand the occult and teach people these old traditions that have been practiced in public but now are being practiced in secret ‘It comes from ignorance and fear of the unknown and it is the reason why rituals and celebrations are held in secret.’-myrddin (Horsburgh 1)

Many people do not believe in magic, witchcraft, or sorcery claiming that magic is against their religion or the skeptics that say there is no solid prove about magic actually existing and that all the so-called magic is just tricks or illusions made by magicians like the world class magician David Copperfield and Harry Houdini. Many religious people believe that witches and ghosts do not exists saying that God is good and all things that come from God is pure, holy and good and nothing in the bible specifically state that magic or witchcraft actually exists. skeptics also say that witches are actually just regular people that influence the others by psychological tricks and that people like Copperfield and Houdini do these acts to gain wealth and fame saying that magic is nothing except expensive tricks made to fool people into thinking that there is something called real magic and to trick people into believe magic actually exists in reality. (Weisz 1)

All these claims made by these skeptics are unfounded and made without doing any research. The bible mentions that ancient civilizations used to worship supernatural powers other than God since the beginning. And the devil and demons use witchcraft such as mediums, horoscopes, and games to lure people away from God and toward a power that gives self-enlightenment. The bible also mentions the consequences of following false gods and lies chapters like 1 Chronicles 10:13 “Saul died because he was unfaithful to the LORD; he did not keep the word of the LORD and even consulted a medium for guidance” (bible).

The magicians like David Copperfield or harry Houdini aren’t true magicians and do not use true magic they use illusions and tricks to trick people. What these magicians do can be rationally explained and the tricks become so obvious to uncover ex magicians like penn and teller explain these tricks to the audience and give logical explanations to explain these tricks to people. True magic cant be explained and people cannot think of logical solutions for these real life events (secrets-explained 1)

Witchcraft has been talked about throughout the centuries as being taboo and controversial, but witchcraft has attracted the minds and curiosity of countless people in the world. Some of these people refuse to accept the obvious signs and evidence that witchcraft indeed exists and is still practiced in everyday life in many areas around the world. The citizens around the world are arrogant in this matter and are easily swayed by fake magicians spreading cheap tricks and calling it magic, or the people that say that it is impossible, obviously they did not do their research.


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