The Comparison Of The Movies “Nacho Libre” & “Modern Times”

June 7, 2022 by Essay Writer

Modern Times, released on February 25, 1936, compared to Nacho Libre, released on June 16, 2006, theyshould almost complete opposites but, surprisingly after analyzing both movies they have quite a lot ofsimilarities. The main one being that they are both satires about their different modern societies.Nacho Libre is either a movie you hate, or a movie you love. With a 40% rotten tomatoes score, manypeople found it offensive, and unnecessary. Although, underneath the controversial jokes, the moviepresents the twisted views of society. It has the monastery filled with orphans and Ignacio who cooks forthe orphans and can barely provide food for them. On the other hand, there’s Ramses, a famous luchadorwho is praised by the community. This shows that the community has its priorities upside down and leftthe orphanage in the dark.

Modern Times has the same satire with Charlie Chaplin and being in and out of jail without a steady job and many people struggling to stay in their homes and put food on their family’s plate. In the movie it shows how Charlie would rather stay in jail because the inmates get three meals a day and a bed to sleep in, guaranteed. It also shows how the government is going through the industrialization period, and instead of worrying about its citizens, its worrying about the factories being build and the number of products they are producing. One thing about the two films is Nacho libre has a box office of $99.3 million and Modern Times had a box office of $1.4 million which would now be worth $14,332,790.70. Which is almost 14% of NachoLibre’s box office, I’m almost entirely sure that’s because during that time movies were still a new thing and only available to the people who could afford it.

Along with price, Charlie Chaplin has a rotten tomato score of 100%, while Nacho Libre has a score of 40%. This must be because of the critics, movie ratings are a huge deal in movies now, but 82 years ago, movie critics were barely starting up in the movie world. The critics that did exist could not have possibly been as harsh as they are now. The reason Nacho Libre has such a low score would be because a lot of people were offended by the way the movie portrays the Mexican culture and the casting of the main character. Modern Time’s budget was $1.5 million, and Nacho Libre’s was $25 million. As well as box office andratings, the reason for this is because of the time the movies were produced, movies now a days must beperfect because they are under so much pressure to get a good rating from critics. Also, money’s valuedeflated from them to now so was $1.5 million was worth in 1936 is worth a lot more now.

Still,compared to Nacho Libre, it’s a lot less. Nacho Libre and Modern Times have many things that make them different, like budget, revenue, boxoffice, and ratings. The one thing that makes these two movies seem less like opposites, are the satires ofthe movies. The satires both show how society and government puts so much money into things that don’tneed it and leave the rest of the community in the dusk, struggling to meet their basic needs. Althoughtwo things may seem like complete opposites, the analysis of them could shine light on their similarities.


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