The Civil War in America Essay

October 14, 2020 by Essay Writer

The main origin of the civil war in America was the declaration of seven states that had split from the U.S and grouped to form a confederacy. The main reason b ehind t ofhis was the devastating effects of slavery.The southerners felt that the northerners were against slavery, and they were grouping to form political parties that were to oppose the growth of slavery within western territories. The southerners felt that this would pose a threat to slavery and thus violate their rights.

Even without the optimum support of the southern states, Abraham Lincoln won the elections that were carried out in 1860. This victory catalyzed the rise of secession from slave states within the deep south when seven of them teamed up to form the confederate state of America just before Lincoln was sworn in to presume addition, C.A.F was not recognized by nationalists from every part of America especially from the north. Even the U.S government declined to surrender its forts which had been claimed by confederacy. Civil war then started in 1861 following confederates attack on fort Sumter being the main fortress of United States in South Carolina.

As historians continue to emphasize, slavery and other multifaceted discontents were noted as the main causes of the uprising. Tariff issue later became entangled in slavery matters. The rest of the factors that contributed to civil war in America were party politics, sectionalism, modernization, industrialization, southern nationalism, economics and also abolitionism which took place during the antebellum phase.

The United States then became two divided nation. There was also a significant growth in population among the states in New England, mainly due to high birth rate and immigration. In the south, most of its dominants were planters based on slavery. A high growth rate was taking place within Texas due to higher rates of birth and large immigrant numbers coming from the south east as compared to the ones from Europe.

Debates over the years were focused towards explaining the future of slavery and how it could change before the civil war began in 1861. On May 26th, 1836, the house passed Pinckney resolutions, which stated that the Congress did not have constitutional powers to interfere with states that practiced slavery.

Secondly, it was not to practice it in the District of Colombia. Thirdly, all information and inquiries related to slavery and its activities were all enshrined in the infamous gag rule. This provided a blue print on how slavery would be ended, although it did not yield much.

Slavery contributed greatly to southern leaders in the following ways. To begin with, slave labor was used in industries like the cotton picking and had to do hard kinds of the job but were not paid and the money that was meant for labor was later spent on improving the economy of the United States thus maximizing their output on production with minimal cost. During this period, slavery was the main source and backbone of the southern economy since it became more like political socio identity of the south.

This slavery helped the south to enjoy its economic success that became before the rise of civil war.The use of slaves led to economic strengths by states that owned them since without slavery; the antebellum would have collapsed. The south than had to defend their economic security by slavery until it was legalized.W ith the slaves in the south, this enabled industrialization to speed up since there was free labor readily available.

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