The Characters Portrayals In The Story Raymond’s Run

May 18, 2022 by Essay Writer

Bambara believes that it is important to see beyond a person’s surface, and respect who. they are. Originally, Squeaky is perceived as selfish and never giving Raymond a chance. And assumes the role of caregiver for her brother Raymond because he has a mental disorder from hydrocephalus. While she loves and is protective of Raymond. Squeaky only sees him as disabled and somewhat of a burden, because “he’s not quite right” (Bambara, 38.) because her entire existence revolves around her running and winning the May Day race. Even though Raymond can keep up with his sister, she focused solely on the possibility that he will let his imagination cause him to run off. And fails to see Raymond’s potential as a runner. Instead, she keeps her brother on the inside of her when she trains to keep him safe and not interfere with her training “So I kept Raymond on the inside of me and he plays like he’s driving a stagecoach. Which is okay by me if he doesn’t run me over or interrupt my exercises, which I’m serious about my running. And don’t care no one knows it.” (Bambara, 40.)

And so long in the chapter she soon becomes more open and understand, she notices that Raymond is on the other part of the fence “bending down with his fingers on the ground simply like he knew what he was used to what he was doing.” (Bambara, 190.) As she runs, Squeaky glances over to watch her brother running fast on the sidelines. He runs in extraordinary style, with his fingers tucked up behind him, however, Squeaky sees that he has the potential to be a runner. She remembers that he usually catches up with her when she trots around the neighborhood.

When the race ends, Squeaky continues thinking of how she should give up her career as a runner to concentrate on teaching Raymond, rather than listening for the announcement of the winner. Because she already has a room full of trophies and ribbons, and Raymond has nothing, she thinks that she should help him get some recognition as a runner. Squeaky adjustments as she shifts her attention from herself to her brother. As she hears her name introduced as the winner, she is already focusing on Raymond’s future. Although Raymond was once no longer clearly in the race, this was once clearly his run.

When Squeaky realizes that triumphing is no longer everything, she sees Gretchen in a new light, and she realizes that others, such as Gretchen, are not necessarily hateful towards her. The theme of the story is finding your identity so that you can respect yourself and others.


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