The Characters And Their Interaction In Daisy Miller

May 18, 2022 by Essay Writer

In the story ,” Daisy Miller” written by Henry James , he rarely shows readers a one sided character, but rather he shows well rounded characters to their fullest potential. The answer to the question is that James rarely shows the reader if Daisy is vulgarian or naive in the story but it is evoked in many different reactions from the readers and characters viewpoints.

Daisy is a girl in some ways who represents the United states in some ways, she is independent , spontaneous and an innocent young woman. She represents the United states because of her ignorance , self centered and at times is oblivious to the wants and needs of others.Some characters think she admirable because of her beauty and innocence but others think because of her lack of culture that she isn’t sensitive to beliefs and customs around her.Also, in some ways Daisy is materialistic for example when she talks about paris its mainly in terms of clothes and at the castle , Winterbourne “saw that she cared very little for feudal antiquities and that the dusky traditions of Chilon made but a slight impression upon her”.Winterbourne is another character in the story and he represents Europe, he lived most of his life in Geneve. Winterbourne was very strict and his manner of speaking was characterized by Daisy as “ stiff”.

Both characters were apart of different world and found one another in different places. Winterbourne attraction to Daisy was how less proper she was than Europeans girls were in his country. Unlike wintebounre many characters in the story distance themselves from Daisy because they fear she will make the europeans immigrants fleeing to the american cities. Both characters are American but Winterbourne is more cluttered because of life in Geneva. James is letting the readers see that both characters are uneven in their social Through thinteractions Winerbourne who is assimilated in european culture is not defiantly different from Daisy who is ignorant. Furthermore, the death of Daisy was the like death of innocence , independence and ignorance in the US, but James uses the death as a warning about the danger of the naiveness in the America and the judgmental attitude that Europeans have toward the American innocence has not escaped the readers viewpoint. Ultimately , James portrays the difference of social class and culture through these two characters and through his eyes.

Readers can’t really get a prejudge view on Daisy because James’s personal opinion over shadows everything else and Winterbourne you can really get a clear view around him. Since James opinion toward Daisy is crystal clear about her ignorance readers can draw there own conclusion many different ways about the characters. It is unclear if Daisy is one who is brainwashed or if she corrupts the society but in closing she could be brainwashed and it could be the reason she causes corruption.


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