The Character of Walter White in Breaking Bad

May 6, 2021 by Essay Writer

Walter White, a brilliant chemist caught in a dull and detached life as a high school educator. Mr. white lives in Albuquerque new Mexico with his pregnant wife and their teenage son who has cerebral parsley. Mr.white worked part time at a local car wash but he yells at his boss and walks off the job due to humiliation. Walter is diagnosed with lung cancer and is living his last days. Mr. White uses his chemistry intelligence to manufacture methamphetamine and become a well-known drug lord. Mr. White is determined to ensure that his family has a secured future. The audience justify the idea of an ordinary family man becoming an immoral drug lord for the sake of his family.

Walter white went from being miserable and suffering to an extreme villain. Walter started cooking meth to receive extra income. Once diagnosed with cancer, he realized that he needed another source of income to pay for his treatment and support his family. His son Walter JR is suffering from cerebral parsley. Mrs. White is pregnant adding more financial issues and Walter is in fear of their future. While his ethics in line he demonstrated he would do anything to protect and lookout of his family.

Walter was hired as a cashier but his boss regularly was understaffed, Walt consistently fines himself washing cars. This led to an awkward moment where he found himself shining one of his student’s rims. The audience can view Walter being very humiliated in this situation. Taken after the diagnose of his cancer Walt’s anger car wash bubbles over he curses his boss and after that stops his work, destroying some property and leaves the premises.

Walters benefits an enormous amount of income. He more than qualified be a high school teacher and work at a car wash he chosen to manufacture illegal drugs. This made him start doing immoral acts. He constantly had his family endangered due to him not wanting to be bossed around. Walter’s eagerly may have been gallant, but he is still a reprobate since of his narrow minded pride.

Hank is the brother-in-law of Mr. White and is a DEA agent. He craves action and excitement. Hank is not sympathetic He takes Walter along to a drug raid to ‘get some excitement in his life. Walt takes up Hank’s offer to go on a ride along to where Walt sees an opportunity to receive income. His brother in law DEA Agent Schroeder is determined to bring down the top drug dealers in New Mexico. With his brother in law under his nose Mr. White views are sharper and can see things at a bigger glance.

Walt steals a box full of chemistry equipment from his own classroom at the high school, while his partner purchases an RV for them to use as a lab. Walt will likewise set up a crisis eye-wash station, and needs them each to wear defensive coats. He thinks nothing about the criminal world, and supposes they simply can lease one of those self-stockpiling sheds. So Walter is a hapless criminal, which charms him to a to a great extent non-criminal group. He didn’t exactly know where to start once going on the black market. Walter uses the lethal phosphine gas to escape from the RV then he blocks the door to make sure Krazy-8 and Emilio can’t get out, inflicting both of them to become unconscious. This scene shows that Walter is evil and will do anything to ensure his safety and provide for his family

In this world, every one of us has a terrible side to them. The real mystery is that we will not know how true we are or how bad we are. The biggest problem is the reason many lives suffer which is money. It does no longer matter whether you are wealthy or poor, Money will always be a problem. Money makes a human due immoral things. When Walter White is aware of he has lung cancer, he turns into a completely different person. And that individual is not a human, however a devil. Walter will not let anyone in his way even if he has to kill them. However, his awful behavior is only supposed to guard his household and make sure that his family will have enough money to stay on after he is gone. In reality, Walter is an extremely hardworking, smart, and brave human being with a huge heart.

Without a doubt, we can justify Walter has turn out to be extra evil and violent ever because he knows he has lung cancer. Mr. White without cancer is a caring father loving husband and ruthless professor. The diagnosis Walter received gave him courage to overcome natural fears of death that we as humans all retain. Walter seen himself as a dead man and knew for certain that he was on his way down the road.

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