The Character Of Sally In Dear Canada: Not A Nickel To Spare By Perry Nodelman

June 7, 2021 by Essay Writer

The book, Dear Canada: Not a Nickel to Spare: The Great Depression Diary of Sally Cohen, written by Perry Nodelman in 2007, is a historical fiction book which means that where the book was set in is a real historical place or timeline, but the characters and the storyline are not genuine.

Sally is quite a sensible little girl. This trait means that you do an action or make a statement that is made to be of wisdom and to likely be of benefit. She shows this by sharing her thoughts on her sibling’s behaviour. As it states, “On the way home I told Molly she should know better than to talk to strangers – especially ones as filthy and stinky as that man was. ” Furthermore, she states “In my opinion, you should stick to your own kind, like Pa says. I mean, gosh. What if Steven comes from a family that put up one of those No Jews or Dogs signs. ”

Sally is also noticeably sympathetic. Being sympathetic means that you show emotion and care for someone else’s suffering. She shows this trait as she writes “She wanted someone to tie her shoes and no one else would do it. She’s old enough to do it by herself by now. Poor Molly. She’s so quiet and the house is full of noisy people that no one ever notices her. I think she just wants some attention. (p. 17)” and “I found Benny on the front porch this morning, shivering and shaking and nearly freezing to death – the radio said it was just 39 degrees this morning. Benny had blood on his face and scarf, and he looked awful. I wanted to get Ma or Pa, but he said no, he’d just go away if I tried to. So I snuck him down the outside stairs in the cellar (p. 109). ”

Finally, Sally is quite girly as she speaks girly and likes to be a girl. This trait is shown when the person has likes or characteristics that are appropriate for a girl or young woman. This is evident as she states in the book, ‘Why can’t I just enjoy being a girl and play with dolls and learn how to sew properly? (p. 102). ” and “Being on stage is so glamorous. ”

In conclusion, Sally is a girl who has a wide variety of characters and that makes her the girl that she is.

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