The Character Development of Robert in the Rich Dad Poor Dad

June 22, 2022 by Essay Writer

Robert compares his biological father to those that keep on working for companies and people, after studying And managing to get degrees, but still can’t get any further in life. He believes his father fell into the long living life cycle of people that are never able to be satisfy their goals and dreams that they fought for while they were still in school, strongly believing that through finishing school and getting some sort of high educational qualifications they would get a desired job that would bring all their dreams and goals to life.

He believes that these people spend countless number of years at school, being taught about the issues that the world faces and end up not learning any valuable lessons about money. Which includes how it should be spent, and also invested to have a greater return from it. Robert’s real dad never learnt all the valuable lessons about money, simply because he was never taught about them while still at school. His rich dad on the other hand contrasts with the wealthy people amongst society

His rich dad on the other hand contrasts with the wealthy people amongst society whom were able to spot gaps in huge business corporations and their advantages of personal insight about accounting and tax that he managed to get an advantage of and used it to his very own advantage, to create wealth for himself. The rich dad managed to take his capital and took risks with it, whereby he invested it in stocks and assets, instead of buying cars that are expensive and useless objects. He took a risk and invested his money. The books basis is on, two main attitudes which are mainly fearless entrepreneurship and can I do to it attitude, which is surrounded by doubts and fear of losing capital so people then instead fulfill their dreams and goals, that they had since they were in school.

Instead of taking even greater risks that would bring them more money in return. Robert focuses on these attitudes by supplying multiple examples and speaks about the importance of focusing on “financial literacy” mainly how huge corporations contributes to making those that are already have a lot of money, get even way more. Working hard for what you want is another example he gives which goes along with having no fear and having the drive to tackle huge obstacles to get what you have always desired. Then you can gain financial freedom. The poor dad is educated but lacking, street smartness to be able to create even greater wealth for himself, the rich dad has little education but tons of street smartness which gives him the advantage over the other dad.

Then there’s Robert who learns lessons from both but only follows the rich dads traits. The poor dad is portrayed as the thousands and thousands of fathers out there, who always tell their children that the greatest way of building wealth is through working hard in school and then getting a job in a company. Poor dad believed in the norm of society that the key to success is school, not buying material things that one cannot afford and to save money at all times. He believed that working for a company is the way forward in life and nothing could ever go wrong once you have a good job. Which is why he got disappointed when his sons leave their jobs under a large corporation. Poor Dad had a doctorate degree, went to Ivy League universities, yet still had a tough time with life, he struggled financially.

He was mostly focused on education that, wealth even though he struggle financially. Robert says that his poor dad would always say things like, “money doesn’t matter” or “I’m not interested in money.” That is why Robert says that his poor dad was entrapped in the “Rat Race” because the only things he really cared about was, Social Security, sick leaves, company insurance and salary increase as well as promotions, instead of the job itself. His main approach in life was working hard for money to be able to pay up all his debts that he had and his bills and Rich dads approach was for wealth to work for him.

Robert learnt from Rich dad, how to not say “I can’t afford it” but to always have a question within himself, where he asks himself “how can I afford it,” Rich dad made sure that he kept his stuff members that worked for him asking themselves questions of how can we do with the little wages he gave them, of which he did deliberately so he could encourage them by telling them that instead of asking him how can they live life with such small wages, but ask themselves “how can I make more money” which was innovative thinking to him instead of complaining seek new ways to create better wealth for yourself which is what he strive for. All that Rich dad did was to invest and have greater returns. Rich dad had a saying that said “the lack of money is the root of all evil” at the same time his poor dad, on the other hand, believed that the love of money is the root of all evil, he believed that too much love for money ends up brining too much evil to oneself. He was always able to manage risk, instead of not taking it.

The books also explores the tale that as a person living in this world, that you need to earn a very high income to be a wealthy person amongst society and explains the great difference in a person that goes to work every single day to work for money and a person that has his own investments and assets that in return have the money work for them. It also looks at the idea that parents mustn’t be too dependent on the thought that, the educational system is the only lesson that their children should be taught, but they should also teach their own children about money and how they must use it. It also teaches you about what a parent should teach his or her children about money for future financial success. Surprisingly it also challenges the biggest belief that many people have in this world. Which is that your house is an asset.


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