The Cat In The Rain As A Reflection Of Darkness In Hemmingway’s Life

June 7, 2021 by Essay Writer

Ernest Hemingways Cat in the Rain

Hemingways Cat in the Rain is a short story depicting a couples stay in Italy. The woman in the story sees a cat stranded outside in the rain and wants to bring him to her hotel room. When she goes to retrieve the cat, it is gone. However a short while later the cat is delivered to her room by the hotelkeeper. Hemingway helps the reader to appreciate Cat in the Rain through his use of setting, writing style, and character.

Ernest Hemingway uses the setting in the short story Cat in the Rain to set a unique feeling. In the story it was raining. The rain dripped from the palm leaves. (Hemingway 408). The hotel is where the whole story takes place. The hotel was not very active on the rainy day. There were only two Americans stopping at the hotel. They did not know any of the people they passed on the stairs on their way to and from their room. (Hemingway 408). The Italian atmosphere with the American guests in it gives definite volume to the setting.

Ernest Hemingway also uses his writing style in Cat in the Rain to aid the reader in understanding and interpreting the short story. The point of view Hemingway tells Cat in the Rain from is very sexist. Hemingway displays his sexist attitude in the short story when the man, George, compliments the woman saying, You look pretty darn nice, (Hemingway 409), then in his next breath degrades her by telling her to shut up and get something to read. (Hemingway 409). Hemingways opposition to women is one of his notorious traits. Hemingway is also known to use little description in his works but rely confidently in the dialogue. In Cat in the Rain Hemingway balances both description and dialogue quite well. When describing the woman finding the cat, Hemingway writes:

The American wife stood at the window looking out. Outside right under their window a cat was crouched under one of the dripping green tables. The cat was trying to make herself so compact that she would not be dripped on. Im going down to get that kitty, the American wife said. Ill do it, her husband offered from the bed. No, Ill get it. The poor kitty is out trying to keep dry under a table.

Hemingway uses his description to give the reader a visual image and he also uses dialogue to add to the image. Hemingway also uses tone in his writing style. The attitudes of the characters help set the tone. The short replies from George in the dialogue give the reader the feeling that George isnt very respectful of his wifes thoughts and feelings. George replys to his wifes comments with rude remarks such as Oh, shut up, (Hemingway 409). This projects to the reader a lack of closeness between the two.

Hemingway uses the characters in his short story Cat in the Rain to help the reader appreciate his works. The wife in the story is extremely air-headed. The woman in this story plays the role perfectly. The man on the other hand also fills the part of Hemingways usual make leads. Their relationship with one another is also typical of Hemingways writings. The man lacks respect for the woman. The woman however is not phased in the slightest by the treatment she receives. When Georges wife was talking to him, George was not listening. He was reading his book. (Hemingway 409). The portrayal of this American couple is exactly like every other couple Hemingway creates providing an excellent tone for the short story.

Cat in the Rain, by Ernest Hemingway, is a short story about an American couple in an Italian hotel. This short story, along with many of Hemingways novels and stories, follows a distinct pattern. Hemingway uses the setting, his writing style, and the characters to enhance the readers perception of the story. Hemingway utilizes all of these attributes to help the reader fully understand the story. Hemingways life is reflected in all of his works. Cat in the Rain shows the hardships Hemingway faced in his love life. Hemingway suffered many illnesses, suffered from depression, and had many accidents in his lifetime. The Cat in this story reflects a darkness in Hemmingways life. The cat is an enigma much like Hemmingway himself.

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