"The Book Thief" Film Analysis

May 28, 2020 by Essay Writer

You may have heard of Adolf Hitler and his works upon ruling Germany which people commonly had negative feedbacks about it. In Brian Percival’s “The Book Thief” you will discover how a young little girl named Liesel played by Sophie Nelisse survived throughout Hitler’s reign in the movie which gave us hope in that, seemingly dark era. The 2013 movie was written by Michael Petroni based on the novel of Markus Zusak. According to Drjgardner from IMDB review, those people who know about the award-winning and best selling novel by Australian Author Markus Zusak will not be disappointed with the cinematography and the theatrical feel in it.

According to FamousFix, “The Book Thief” won Best Instrumental Composition, Spotlight Award, Best Performance by a Youth in a Lead or a Supporting Role, Breakthrough Performance Awards. They deserve to win because of the effort they made and how the movie turned out to special and extraordinary with the cooperation of every cast and production in this movie.

The story follows as Death played by Roger Allam narrates the whole story and started with “You are going to die despite every effort no one lives forever.” Kinda dark and creepy start for a movie with the title “The Book Thief” it gives off a mysterious aura. So, The Book Thief is all about a girl named Liesel who was adopted by two foster parents namely, Hans ()and Rosa (). During her time in the small village of Germany there she was exposed to the cruelty of Nazi’s doing. She looks for a way to preserve the purity of her childhood in the middle of chaos.

When the political situation in Germany worsened, her parents hide a Jewish man named Max(), putting them in danger. Liesel started to read when Hans taught her to read.

Although this film has its own darkness in it you can’t avoid how it makes your heart flutters and warms up too because of how the characters become soft and innocent, it breaks your heart watching them be in a cruel era, exposed in the reality of the world in an early age. According to the Movie Review by Sandie Angulo Chen, this movie will make you cry, make you laugh, make you firmly hold the book close to your heart.

Knowing the Holocaust in a person’s eye is one thing, but knowing it in a child’s eyes is another thing. No one can look truthfully than an innocent child’s eye. Through Liesel eyes, you will see cruel things 10x more than grown-up eyes. There is something in children that we grown-ups can never have.

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