The Book of Jeff Kinney

June 7, 2021 by Essay Writer

The Book of Jeff Kinney starts with one of the main characters Greg Heffley, he makes himself ready for the start of his career in the high school, he was being bullied by his brother called, Rodrick because their mother bought school accessories for Greg. Greg also has a little brother, his name is Manny he gets everything he wants. Greg really likes to play computer games only his parents are against him, they want him to go outside. On the first day of high school is Greg sitting next to Fregley, ‘Greg doesn’t really like him’. Greg’s best friend is Rowley, they both join the wrestling team. Fregley plays wrestling too, Greg stops after he lost a wrestling match of Fregley. Halloween, Rowley, and Greg went to a game, but they were being bullied by teenagers. They didn’t have a chance, they wanted to call the police, but they didn’t take them seriously. They hid in the garden of Grandmother’s house until the teenagers left.

While a Christmas break, Greg, and Rowley played a cycle game together. The father of Greg came in and was furious, they had to go outside he told them. When they returned to school Fregley told everyone about the lost game of Greg. Everyone was staring at him. At some day, the kids were walking home, Greg decided to scare the children with an unusual stick with worms. Someone who was living near the school reported this bad behavior. Hereby Greg was warned by the director. Greg reacted angrily to the director and his best friend Rowley. Rowley broke their relationship.

After a while, Greg felt lonely, he had to search new friends. That wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be. Greg tried to be friends with Fregley to make Rowley jealous, but he only made him uncomfortable. During the opening performance, Rodrick brings a video camera to film the play. Greg due to his nervousness to sing, confused the other actors, who also failed to sing. Patty Farrel, who played the role of Dorothy got frustrated and insults Greg. So, Greg threw a prop at Patty and then everyone got into a fight.

The teenagers from Halloween came back, this time, the teenagers forced Greg and Rowley to eat a cheese that was on the floor. The cheese had become moldy since it had been left on the ground years ago. Greg said that he can’t because he is allergic to lactose and he can die if he eats it. The teenagers left when Rowley eats the cheese. The other students noticed that the cheese was missing, thinking that someone destroyed it. But Greg tells them that he decided to throw it away because he was sick of seeing it there. Because of this, nobody suspects of Rowley having the “cheese touch.”Greg and Rowley resolved their issues and made plans to spend the entire summer vacation playing games.

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