The Analysis Of The Document “Common Sense” By Thomas Paine

July 16, 2021 by Essay Writer

The first sentence of the very informative and persuasive document know as Common Sense, Thomas Paine says, that just because there isn’t anything wrong does not make anything right. He also starts to explain how America will be an example for the universe and how we could show that everyone should defend their natural rights and that us as humans should be able to reject our officials if we believe they are abusing their power.

Paine believes America will be the great example of freedom from Monarchy and the start of the movement towards democracy. Paine talks about how at some point we will declare for independence so why not now. He makes it seem very inevitable that no matter what anyone does it will happen he also says he has never met a person who believed the US and the UK would eventually split. He then gives us reasons why we should just make it happen. He calls to attention that the United States has great potential in being the hub for all trade and the amount of money and potential we have is unmatched. But as long as we stay under the control of Britain, the king will keep us poor enough that we cannot rise up into the great power we are capable of being. He then talks about the distance between us and our British counterparts. That the long distance of weeks to months of travel will make it impossible for them to keep an eye on us and control this continent. I believe that if England governed us right now with all the advancements in travel they still would not be able to keep control of a land that far across the ocean.

Paine also starts comparing America as if it was a baby drinking milk and as it grows up it should not start eating meat because it is doing fine with just milk. Which is very true because America at first needed Englands help, but as America grew we stopped needing them as much and we are now able to take care of ourselves. The inevitable did happen later Paine was correct and America became its own independent country. At the same time he talks about how independence from Britain will happen at some point he makes it seem that independence from England is urgent and necessary to happen soon. Similarly to the example earlier the amount of money we lose to England daily is so much andthe more money we could be making if we did separate would be unimaginable. Which was very true, the United States is now a super power in economics and is a main part in world commerce.

Paine also talks about how America’s resources are vanishing due to English greed. Which is a perfect example to not only get Americans to understand where all our resources are going but to show them that we could be self sufficient in an upcoming war against them. While the British rely on other places like America and India. Getting resources from India and other places in that region would take months for the necessities to reach its final destination. Another reason we needed to separate from England was that the government in place there was a Monarchy with hereditary succession, meaning you did not get to vote for who lead your country it was passed down by blood. It did not matter how unprepared or how politically ready the person was, which most the time they weren’t at all. He emphasized how important it is that our society should be able to vote for who represents us and that they have our ideas in mind.

The representatives should not do what is best for them, but what is best for the country and the people that live in it. Just because their father was a king, does not mean that their son is as qualified as he was. The worst part is the king doesn’t know what life is like as a commoner, all he knows is how living asking is so he will not pass a law that will help you out or anyone else out all he will do is what is best for him and his friends. Paine also says that a Monarchy that is like Englands is sinful and a man shouldn’t be recognized as a king other than God himself. Furthermore Paine talks about and shows us all the beneficial factors that separating from the United Kingdom will bring us. In England there is very little religious freedom, which is one of the main reasons why people emigrated from there to America when it was first being settled into. One of the first things The United States could do is make it a right to believe in any sort of religion or faith.

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