The Analysis Of Stephen King’s New Book “Outsider”

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

Outsider review into Stephen King’s new book.

Yep all 500 pages every single word, and oh boy he really wrote a lot. I liked it didn’t love it but liked it. This book definitely doesn’t deserve a movie but it’s a decent read. My thoughts: after reading the outsider I thought it was pretty good. That being said a lot of it is boring, the supernatural element didn’t even become an issue till page 200. The book is mainly about the murder of an eleven-year-old boy and how it affects the residents of Flint city. There are countless eyewitness and DNA evidence that all point to one of flint town most pristine residents the little league coach Terry Maitland. In the middle of a big game detective, Anderson arrested coach terry in front of a crowded audience. After this event, the book continues to focus on detective Anderson, holly, Howie gold, and the grieving wife Marcy as they fight auguste the outsider (that man). At the end like every other Stephen King book, there is a standoff and our hero’s triumph to a certain extent.

What I liked: I liked detective Anderson’s wife she made some good references and helped move the plotMarcy was written very realistic, this really helped you feel for the charter.Howie gold was a fun and heartfelt additive to the bookIt’s well written and very descriptive The defective parts are very interestingThe supernatural part is out of left field It’s disturbing in the right wayThe mystery is very interesting The standoff is greatThe Gerald grocery references were perfectHolly is a good charter and I’m glad she was in this book.Things I didn’t like:It’s really longIts drawn out Parts of the books seem to drag onToo much emphasis on static chartersThe outsider has a lot in common with ITKing kills off terry too earlyIt should have been a crime thrillerThe supernatural element seems forcedTerry’s killer could have had more motivationThe first 200 pages are a different book from the next 300The suicide element of the book could have been more intense.Shapeshifters are never scary no matter what they do.

Analysis: while it was good the book was a little too long for my taste. While that doesn’t ruin a book for me (IT) this one was affected by the length. Books can be good even if they are long the outsider, but where this book fluter is around it’s structuring. For example, you could take the first 200 pages can be put it into a three-act structure. For example act 1 the discovery of the killer and the arrest of coach Terry. Act 2 the interrogation of coach Terry Maitland. Act 3 the death of Terry Maitland. There is even a charter ark with detective Anderson for example in act 1 he is for sure Terry Maitland is the killer. Then in act 2, he starts to question it, act 3 the death of Terry and in death when Terry admits he never did it terry. This is a pretty dark ending but I feel like it should have worked in a good crime thriller. But then Stephen king goes into other direction having holly the pregnant cop from the beginning of the book come in and team up with detective Anderson to solve the case. I guess my main gripe with Stephen King’s latest book is that it takes such a sharp twist if you want to write a paranormal bookwright a paranormal book don’t write a crime drama then a paranormal book.

So, in conclusion, This book would have been better if it was a short story. Grade: C+ if you like numbers I’d give it a 77% its a book you should read if you have no other good Stephen King books to readWould I recommend this book?: All of that being said I would recommend this book if you like Stephen King. If this is your first ever Stephen King book may be read IT or The shining but if you’ve read all of Stephens classics I’d say give this one a look. Because this book is long and drawn out a majority of this book is dark, scary, and entertaining. So if you want a decent book to get scared by Id say give the outsider a read.

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