The Analysis Of Movie And An Original Book Of Great Gatsby

April 27, 2022 by Essay Writer

The Great Gatsby is told from the perspective of a man named Nick who becomes the neighbour of a millionaire who lives in a mansion beside him named Jay Gatsby. Gatsby throws huge parties every weekend and owns every materialistic thing he could possibly want, except for Daisy Buchanan. The girl he’s hopelessly been in love with for 5 years. When he was penniless he pretended he had money so she would fall in love with him until he had to go off to fight in the war and decided to marry a wealthy man named Tom Buchanan. Gatsby spent the years of his life building his wealth up through dirty business and years later he is making his move on Daisy with the help of Nick. They begin having an affair and one night Daisy driving with Gatsby accidentally hits a woman with the car, killing her. Gatsby agrees to take the blame for her but better yet plans to run away together. He waits by the phone for her call agreeing to the plan but never gets one, instead he gets shot by the husband of the lady Daisy hit with a car. 

Even more tragically, practically nobody shows up to his funeral except Nick and his father. In my opinion I liked the book better mainly because of the one scene I talked about. In the movie Gatsby is a big deal, he’s grand, he lives in a beautiful mansion, he has everything he could ever want, he even dies a winner believing that he got the love of his life. The only real tragedy in the movie is no one showing up at his funeral but at the end of the day he doesn’t know that either. In the book, the scene allows the reader to see the complete opposite in Gatsby. He spent years of his life working in dirty business to gain enough wealth to impress and pursue Daisy even though she already moved on and started a family with another man, he bought a mansion right across from hers, he threw huge parties every weekend to surround himself with people and hope she would show up, he agrees to take the blame for Daisy when she hits and kills someone with a car, and on top of all that Daisy still chooses to stay with her husband. This changes the book from being similar to a fairytale to a complete tragedy, which is why I think the book is actually considered a classic. Gatsby dying with no phone call better flows and makes more sense with the events leading up to it, as well as the criticism Fitzgerald puts on his characters and the idea of the American dream, which doesn’t really get through as much through the film medium. 


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