The American Dream Negative Sides and Benefits Essay

September 29, 2020 by Essay Writer

I believe the American Dream is bad because it ignores the growing inequalities, promotes selfishness and encourages materialism in the American people.

The American Dream is it a fact or a reality and do people really crave it? Even though there are some negative comments that are being made about the government and policies, the United States is still a land of opportunity and a place many people strive to live in. There are very many benefits that citizens receive from both government and other countries.

The United States is thought of as the land of opportunity and there are many people who want to live “The American Dream”. One of the biggest benefits is the constitution and the rights and freedoms that people enjoy. Very many people in the world suffer unequal treatment, as well abuse of their rights in the community and workplace. The United States offers respectable treatment and safe work conditions.

Matters have not always been the way they are presently and there were times when people had to fight for their rights, just as in any other country. But since the 1900s, the civil movement for equality and respectable treatment by the government and corporations has drastically increased the level of life. The majority of countries in the world do not have the right for peaceful assembly, freedom of speech or rights to vote.

The constitution and the laws of the country have created a strong social fabric that allows people to stand up for their rights. The court system is also geared towards individuals, so that people can take their cases to trial and justice will be served (Pieper 57). There is no denying that there is discrimination and differential treatment in some instances but it is extremely difficult to root out altogether.

There are always people who will want to abuse others and treat people with disrespect. But comparing to the majority of countries in the world, the United States has reached a very respectable level of development that has laws which address discrimination and inequality. Even when looking at minorities, the government accepts responsibility and treats those who immigrated and received citizenship with equal respect.

Another good example is the rights that women have fought for and finally received acknowledgement. There are societies in the world that treat female population as unable to participate in any governmental or social activities and the United States are much different. It is true that it took some time for women to fight for their rights and receive equality but at least, presently, they are able to have these rights (McCloskey 68).

Being a citizen of the United States allows for a person to travel to many other countries without a problem. In almost any country of the world, an American citizen is treated with respect and liking. The United States citizens are protected by law of the country and anyone who possesses a passport cannot be deported or given away to the home nation (Nwanna 205).

The government allows American citizens to move anywhere they want without constant control and the need to notify the authorities of the change of place of residence. Social security that is offered to every citizen is a great way to establish trust and good relations with the country and the government. In case people are not able to support themselves or find hard times without a job or money for education, the government will assist these individuals and provide the necessary resources.

There are many programs that help find better jobs and enroll in the necessary courses to help develop the much needed skills. The medical support that American social policies provide, are also very helpful. When a person does not have their heath, it does not matter how many opportunities they have or what country of the world they live in.

The United States government realizes that citizens must be healthy and anyone who requires medical attention receives it without question. A large number of institutions for elderly population and those with health problems make sure that the needs of the community are met (Niles 7). The fact that Americans can sponsor their relatives and even help them receive citizenship is another great benefit that the United States offer.

The ability to vote and participate in the matters of government makes sure that democracy is established and continued. People can voice their opinions and demand justice, no matter what level of government they are not pleased with. The administration and the president are always open to suggestions and will take any practical advice in the betterment of society and people’s lives.

Often, it is said that with the worsening economy there is a small amount of jobs available for the population. The government is in debt and cannot support citizens and the needs of individuals. But at the same time, jobs are created and the government is constantly looking for a way to better the state of affairs.

It is easy for people who are looking from the side to generalize and say that there are not many jobs. But if people are not afraid of hard work and long hours there are many jobs that are offered. Everything becomes clearer when the United States is compared to other countries. There are not many nations in the world that have a high level of life and can offer at least an opportunity.

There is no need to list the countries that provide very expensive education to citizens, and when people decide to look for jobs they are forced to work in an absolutely different field. The debt that they leave educational institutions with continues to grow because they have to take extra courses to learn another profession since their education is useless. In the United States, if a person has determination and knows themselves, so that they can develop the necessary skills, they are given the opportunity to pursue their dream.

This can be said about all people all over the world that if they do not have the want to reach their goals, then the country is very unfair towards them. If a person is strong, they are given the avenues to become successful. In many countries, the efforts that someone displays are pointless. Not only the government does not notice a great amount of people but private corporations and businesses do not provide vacancy or a chance to show the qualities that a person possesses (McCloskey 60).

American citizens can open their own businesses and companies without fear the government will rob them of their profits or that the corrupt authorities and law enforcement agencies will demand bribes and fees for “protection” from criminals. The United States are very much centered on an individual, giving opportunity for a person to not only be heard but listened to and understood.

America is not only rich in material attributes; it is a highly respectable and moral country. People here are free and feel moral comfort that very little places in the world can offer. There is no denying that sometimes the government makes mistakes and examples can be a number of wars that have worsened the conditions in the United States but this is also true of any other government in any other country.

It was evident that society was against very many actions of government and they had an opportunity to protest. During these protests there were some casualties and people were arrested but there was no chaos or total disorder. The army did not bluntly open fire at civilians or mistreat anyone with great force.

The government was forced by the society, in a peaceful way, to listen to people and change policies. The high moral status can also be judged by the prisoners. People in jails receive an amount of rights and abilities that no other country in the world offers. The fact that the government acknowledges people who resort to illegal activities as being human and understands the circumstances that have led them to such a way of life, proves the country has very high moral standards.

It is true that every country has its negative sides and benefits. The United States is no different but the amount of opportunities, governmental support and acceptance of rights and freedoms is far greater than that of other nations. People are able to feel secure and relatively sure of what tomorrow will bring. All things considering, American Dream is very much alive and attractive to many.

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