The Allegory And Allegorical Elements In The Animal Farm

June 22, 2022 by Essay Writer

The book was written in the second world war and was published in 1945. Eric Arthur Blair or formally known as George Orwell was born on 15 juni 1903 in India and passed away on 21 Januari 1950 in London. He was both a writer and a journalist. He is most famous for his books Animal farm and dystopian novel 1983. Animal Farm is well known all around the world for what at first hand seems like a children’s book is a great allegory to the russian revolution. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company and 112 pages. 

Writing Animal farm is an Allegorical novel and is written in the 3rd person. The mood of the book changes throughout the story. At first after the rebellion the mood is very cheerful and ambitious. They have big plans for the future and their outlook is very bright. Further into the book the mood gets worse and just sad. The book is actually an allegory retelling the story of how soviet communism developed. Language usage is very proper and clear making it nice and easy to read. Themes Corruption Exploitation Idealism Apathy Plot After a revolution on a farm, where people are chased away, the pigs, who developed the theory of Animalism and led the revolution, gradually took control of the company. Two pigs, Napoleon and Snowball, are involved in a power struggle that leads to the banning of Snowball. Life on the farm becomes harder and harder for the rest of the animals. The pigs control the rest of the animals on the farm while they themselves are living a comfortable life. Ultimately, everything that remains of the ‘Principles of Animalism’ is the rule that ‘all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.’ 

The rest of the animals have been manipulated by the pigs that have taken control. With a group of cruel dogs as a stick behind the door, this way Napoleon ensures an easy life for himself. The pigs will walk on two legs. In the last scene of the book, the animals view pigs and humans, but can no longer see any difference. Subplot Napoleon has the idea to build a windmill. The entire farm has to work along and no exceptions are made but the pigs of course. Boxer the strong and muscled horse sacrifices himself working overtime and thereby weakening and seriously injuring himself. Eventually Boxer dies from his injuries from his building efforts or so they thought. He actually gets sent to a slaughterhouse but Napoleon knew how to keep it secret from the animals. 


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