The Age of a Suffering Nation Essay

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In the1930s, there was a plan by President Roosevelt to improvise on crucial ideas on projects until they worked out successfully. According to him, there had to be some willingness to identify the existing problems and also, try to figure out the solution to the existing problems. This was regarded as the chunk from Roosevelt’s republican successors. A document, which was written by activists in the government, reflected the actions that the country would life to emancipate itself from what was referred to as the era of a suffering nation (Johnson 5).

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Franklin pointed out that there was a need to watch every word of individualism in America if the change was anticipated to take place any time in the vicinity. “…so began, in American political life, the new day of the individual against the system, the day in which individualism was made a great word of America…” (Johnson 165). This was a kind of policy where the business sector was not to interfere with the government. There was the introduction of what is commonly regarded as the industrial revolution which made a great achievement in the country. There were more machines invented to improve peoples’ way of life as it had been before.

According to a speech delivered in the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco in 1932, these were the dreams that never went far. This was because there was an introduction to the policies which counteracted their operations. For instance, there was a rise in the debate that there was a need for the government to compete with private sectors. This in turn never brought competition but drove the private investors away.

According to a letter posted to Perkins in 1935, some years after the president was voted in, working citizens started complaining over small wages. This was an urge for the state to consider wages, which unskilled workers were getting from the tobacco factories. With the workers earning less than $10 working 40 hours per week, this clearly shows that there was “slavery” in the companies. Though it raised some questions on if those poor could claim for better pay, and why they decided to channel their request directly to the government, the fact was still the same that people working at those factories as unskilled were underpaid, while they were working for many hours.

There was also a demand which proposed that there should have been a good distribution of wealth. The US senator Huey Long delivered a speech to members to share the wealth around the country equitably stating that “For twenty years I have been in the battle to provide that, so long as America has, or can produce, an abundance of the things which make life comfortable and happy…” (Johnson 174). This illustrates that for a long period, there was no equality in the country, and they were fighting for it to end, but they were not in a position to eradicate inequality. There was also an indication that there was much wealth in the country, but in contrast, it only was in the pockets of a few citizens of the United States. It was reflected in the speech which was delivered some nights before the date of the election of Mr. Herbert.


To sum everything up, it is necessary to note that there was also a call from a Mexican American farmer who emphasized the need for the people to stick together. A group does not go as far as much as the achievement of the overall goals. This farmer is a citizen in the US noted that there was no unity among fellow Americans.

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