The Adventures of Wilfred of Ivanhoe, Richard the Lion-Heart, the Outlaws of Sherwood Forest, and Other Heroes in Ivanhoe, a Novel by Sir Walter Scott

January 12, 2021 by Essay Writer


This novel, Ivanhoe, was written by Sir Walter Scott, and contains 500 pages of exciting drama and romance. It follows the adventures of Wilfred of Ivanhoe, Richard the Lion-Heart, the outlaws of Sherwood Forest, and many other exciting heroes and heroines. Ivanhoe has returned from the crusade to claim his lady love, Rowena, but is thwarted by his Father, Cedric the Saxon. Rebecca the Jewess heals Ivanhoe’s wounds after his tournament and begins to fall in love with someone who can never accept her as his wife. Bois-Guilbert, De Bracy, Front-de-Boeuf and many other Normans, wish to prevent Ivanhoe from his endeavors to begin anew after his long crusade, by kidnapping his lover, and attempts to wed her to a Norman knight, fighting to keep the fortress, rightfully belonging to Ivanhoe but usurped by Front-de-Boeuf, from the lawful master.

Scott is a masterful author, using the technique of beginning many threads of a story, but skillfully bringing them together to form a unique and epic collision of decisive and individual characters, providing great drama and entertainment for the reader. As you progress through his alluring chapters, you will soon notice this writer’s intention of keeping characters apart from one another to form a definite sense of realism and a real-life impression. Encouraging you to believe that this is a work for all ages and a timeless classic which will always be there to console you and lift your spirits, knowing that these characters have experienced the many elements of life which you are now enduring.

Many will take thoughts of the bravery of Ivanhoe, during the Tournament at Ashby, his chivalry towards Rebecca while she tends to him, and great generosity as he forgives the debts of those whom he had defeated, from this tale of long ago, but few will introduce them into their lives and daily troubles. Do they see his bravery to tell the truth, chivalry in manner towards his neighbor, and generosity to all, even his enemy. But this is the purpose of literature: To be shown that these virtues are possible to attain, that they will improve your life and relationships with others. To understand this is to become the true orchestrator of “the good life”. Otherwise, you disappoint the author, who poured his heart and soul into this incredible masterpiece, believing that his work would help change the world, and make it a better place to live in.

As one who sees life as it truly is, Sir Walter not only shows the good and beautiful side to life, but also the evil and conniving side. Prince John’s greed for power is a metaphor for those in life who strive to succeed through lies and deception, instead of those who ascend with the help of their own natural graces and honesty. Bois-Guilbert, who covets the beautiful Rebecca even, brings about her close death through his detestable selfishness, and Front-de-Boeuf’s avarice for the fortress of Ivanhoe. These are provided in the book, to show the destruction of those who take these sins as their creed through life. “Ivanhoe” is the ultimate “good versus evil” story and shows truly that the light always conquer the darkness.

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