The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Novel

April 28, 2020 by Essay Writer

The Adventure of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain takes place in the fictional village of St. Petersburg, Missouri, around the mid 1800s. St.

Petersburg is a typical village with a safe life and dull people. A mischievous boy named Tom Sawyer, who dream of being well known in the town of St. Petersburg and becoming wealthy, lives with his aunt polly and half brother Sid. It starts of with tom getting in trouble for starting a fight with a kid on the street because he was jealous of the way that boy dressed. Aunt polly grounds him and makes him wash the fence, but tom manages to convince the other kids on the street to do his work for him. One night out in the graveyard, tom and his friends encounter Injun Joe murdering, Dr. Robinson. In order to stay out of trouble, they swear to never speak of this again. But Injun Joe has blamed the murder of Dr. Robinson on Muff Potter. The guilt builds up inside Tom and he decides to testify against Injun Joe for false accusations of the murder.

During the trail Injun Joe escapes from the courtroom. During the summer Tom and Huckleberry Finn go hunting for gold in a haunted house and manage to spot Injun Joe with his accomplice. Huckleberry Finn starts to keep an eye on Joe and eavesdrop on his conversation. Huckleberry overhears Injun Joe in creating a plan to murder the widow next. The widow is a kind person to Tom and his friends. Meanwhile Tom and his girlfriend Becky are on a picnic in McDougal’s cave and soon become lost in the cave. Huckleberry Finn goes off to find the widow to keep her out of harm’s way. The towns fokes have noticed Tom and Becky disappearance but can’t seem to find them.

Tom and Becky find a way out of the cave, but in doing so, they have bumped into Injun Joe who had been using the cave as an hideout. The people of St. Petersburg come to their rescue. They decide to seal of the cave with Injun in it as his punishment for the murder. Over time, Injun Joe dies of starvation. Tom and Huckleberry Finn remember that Injun Joe’s treasure still lies within the dangerous cave. So they go back to retrieve it. The boys find the riches and become wealthy. And they’re are well known in the town of St. Petersburg. This changes their lives drastically and Tom is live his dreams.

Is it our differences or similarities that matter? Well, I believe that are similarities matter more than out differences. Everyone argues over their differences whether it’s over a favorite team, or a game, or their opinion on a common topic. We seem to be full of hatred and discriminate over everything and everyone. But deep down we are all humans; we have hands, lungs, feet, and hearts. It’s just our exterior that’s different and the way we perceive the world. So why not move past that? We can accept our differences and acknowledge that we are all the same. Why not celebrate our similarities and see perceive each other as equals. In the story of The adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom was jealous of the other kid on the street and fought with them because he could not accept that he was different. And at the end of the novel everyone united putting their differences aside to stand up against Injun Joe. Everyone wanted one thing, to protect their loved ones and the only way to do that was to unite. This similarity brought everyone together.

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