The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain: Review

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

Its moms birthday and everybody in the family has bough mom a gift, except Joe. Mom would not mind because she knows how Joe acts. As mom enters the kitchen everybody gives her the gifts, then it was Joes turn. He looks at mom then runs out side. He returns back with a box. Joe gives it to mom, and as mom opens the box, a beautiful diamond ring is revealed. Joe had saved enough money to buy mom a new diamond ring. Joe acts like a devilish person, but he really is more like Tom Sawyer in, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain acknowledges that even the most devilish boy has a good side, through his adventures as a pirate, at the trial, and his love for Becky Thatcher.

This good and intelligent boy is first seen in his adventure as a pirate. The beginning of the book, when Tom persuades everyone to think that whitewashing was fun. Like it? Well, I dont see why I oughtnt to like it. Does a boy get a chance to whitewash a fence every day? (Twain 21). Mark Twain shows Toms unique intelligent. This intelligent is seen more and more in the book after every chapter. When Tom returns back from Jackson Island to see his aunt Polly. He turns from a devilish boy into a loving and caring person. And you went to bed, and I was so sorryI went and leaned over and kissed you on the lips. (Twain 136). One critic also says that Toms becoming more mature Aunt Pollys discovery that Tom has come from the island to tell her of his safety. (Blair 464).

Toms good side is mostly reveal in his love for Becky Thatcher. He gives Becky a brass andiron knob, which she gives back to him It was his brass andiron knob! (Twain 87) when seeing the brass andiron knob, Toms heart just broke, this broken heart show how much Tom cared for Becky. Tom also saves Becky from getting a spanking. He courageously stands up, and takes the blame for tearing Mr. Dobbins book. I done it! (Twain 149) This shows how his feelings for Becky have grown. That night Tom goes to sleep thinking about what Becky told him Tom, how could you be so noble! This also shows how Toms love for Becky has grown. (Twain 150).

This is also reveal at Muff Potter trial. He shows his interest when he first starts to hang around at the court to see what is happening at the trial The boys did as they hadtobacco and matches (Twain 164). At the trial Tom show his bravery by standing up and telling everybody what really happened at the graveyard. Tom beganhesitatinglyInjun Joe jumped with the knife and—- (Twain 168). Toms real story destroyed Injun Joe, which cause him to escape.

After getting his mom a brand new diamond ring, Joe family finally realize how kind and caring Joe can be, even thought Joe is still devilish his family now see that he has a good side. Just like Tom after everything he goes through his aunt and everybody else sees that Tom really has a friendly side.

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