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The way people are taught and how the information is presented, is one of the key methods in bettering the learning process. Not only the teacher has to be interested in the material taught but also, the students must feel included in the process. Teaching is not a simple transference of information; it is an interaction between the student and the teacher which facilitates better understanding and further involvement in the quest for knowledge.

Balanced Literacy Institute and Teacher Cadre offer a great opportunity to increase the skills needed in the teaching profession. The institute offers a differential setting and environment with flexible organization and techniques. It provides structure and enables to focus on the necessary skills of each person but at the same time, it offers a flexible and diverse approach that is geared towards a better student-teacher interaction.

The learning space is very important in the responsiveness and encouragement of learning and trying of new techniques, so routine is replaced with unpredictable, yet organized learning. The innovative technology is used to the advantage of everyone, combining learning with self-discovery and interest in more knowledge and information.

The focus on language and curriculum delivery makes communication more effective, helping to establish the direction of study, as well as better understanding of the areas that need improvement. The fact that the instructional plans can be customized enables higher retention and comprehension of the presented material.

Another important and beneficial point of the training is that the material is selected with a unique understanding of the needs of students and teachers. Not only is it culturally diverse but also, it is relevant, engaging, purposeful and fluctuating depending on a personal level of determination (Starbuck 51).

A rather important benefit of learning in Balanced Literacy Institute and Teacher cadre is the management and organization. The scheduling and organization of the physical environment that enables everyone to see the teacher equally and gives a chance to interact is very crucial. If some students need to be grouped together or someone needs a preferential seating, each student’s needs must be addressed.

The personal approach makes a safe and comfortable environment for learning, so that neither teachers nor students feel pressured or forced. The presentation of instructions is clearly outlined and determines a specific purpose and idea. The Institute makes it their goal to educate teachers how to manage personal and emotional connection to the whole group or individual students.

Also, it is important to have background knowledge and a model or schema that the teacher uses and this skill is included in the teaching course as well. Balanced Literacy Institute and Teacher Cadre help develop personal characteristics and strong areas of each teacher. The way information is given out, the tone, rhythm and emotional relation to the information being presented, are key in the success of every teacher.

The ability to help support and reassure students is taught, so that everyone feels equal and included in the teaching process. With the help to discover own teaching skills and students’ personal characters, the Institute prepares for an adventure filled with knowledge and heightened understanding of material (Davis 60).

In the teaching profession, it is important that the needed type of information is presented but also, the presentation itself must be properly set up. The Institute will help discover ways that will connect living and learning, making it a life-long process.

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