Teaching in an Urban School Essay

September 21, 2021 by Essay Writer

Being a teacher is not an easy task, but certain environments can make this task even more complicated. Working in an urban school is one of such settings, but I am highly interested in this kind of work. The major reason why I want to become an urban school teacher is that I understand the challenges existing there and I wish to help both students and other educators to overcome these difficulties.

Having been an urban school student myself, I realize that teachers working there need to be dedicated, ready to face difficulties, inspiring, and flexible. I believe that I own these features to a great extent, and they will make me an effective urban educator. I developed the ability to work hard and be devoted to my job when I was volunteering for various events. During those times, I realized that diversity was not only very interesting but also rather complicated to handle.

However, I did my best to learn to understand people from various backgrounds and with different interests. I believe that this quality will be the most useful when working in an urban school. Another example of the preparation for such an environment was being a leader at a summer youth camp. That experience was also very valuable and important to me.

Overall, I think that urban school teachers need to be more self-disciplined than educators working in suburban environments. However, I am not afraid of challenges, and I sincerely want to promote high-quality education among diverse populations. Thus, I think that the qualities I can bring to the classroom will increase students’ desire to learn and will lead to the most favorable outcomes of teacher-student cooperation.

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