Symbolism Of Kite In The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

June 23, 2022 by Essay Writer

The beginning of Kite Runner is talks about the narrator, Amir received a call from Rahim Khan in Pakistan, which cause him to remember the past, a boy who running kite for him. In the whole novel, kite through all plot and connect all of the main characters. It shows Amir’s life attitude of childhood, the personality of a teenager, Redemption of the soul of middle-aged. What is kite represent? Kite is a metaphor for the protagonist’s unremitting efforts and inner frankness after all kinds of frustrations and tribulations, soothing the trauma of the soul, and finally achieving epiphany and maturity of human nature.

In the childhood of Amir, the kite represents self- glam, longing for farther’s love, senses of security. The kite flying in the sky symbolizes the free and easy life that Hasan and Amir spent together. Because of the calamity that his birth brought to his mother, Amir thought it was the reason his father hated him and disliked him. He was always full of guilt and could not overcome the damage of self-blame for a long time. As a result, doing things just like a promise is very different from his father’s personality, and cannot meet the expectations of a brave and fierce father.

At Amir’s teenager period, The kite metaphors the human characteristics of selfishness, cowardice, and betrayal. In the kite competition, Hassan was raped by Assef while chasing a fallen kite for Amir. Amir saw but didn’t step forward. Amir’s heart has been tortured by shame and pain, and he is cowardly and embarrassed about himself, unable to extricate himself. To escape such emotions, he forced the unsuspecting crimes on Hassan, and let his father catch up with them. Hassan pleaded guilty to non-existent theft and disregarded Amir’s father’s persuasion to leave. That’s cause Amir has been tormenting by guilt, remorse, and pain in the past 26 years.

At the middle age of Amir, kite represents redemption of heart. He faced his mistakes frankly, and made actions to make up for it, and finally realized the redemption of the soul. His father’s friend, Rasin Khan called Amir and told him that Hassan and Amir turned out to be half-brothers and gave him directions: ‘There is a way to be a good man again. ‘ Amir finally Conquered the cowardly, risked his life and returned to Kabul, occupied by the Taliban, to rescue Hassan’s son, bring him back to the United States, and adopt him. Flying a kite with Hassan’s son in a foreign country, the kite brought Solabo a smile, and also made Amir’s depression and self-blame released at the moment the kite soared in the air. Amir finally dispersed the haze hanging over his heart when he first time chased kite. He decided that he would always care for Sorabo as Hasan had been true to himself. Kite chasing became a ritual in Amir’s growth history, and also hope.

The kite through all stages of Amir’s life: childhood, teenager, middle age. It represents how Amir went from a little boy who is self- blamed and longing for fatherly love to a young man who had become hypocritical and vulnerable because of cowardice and escapes, to a mature man who bravely faced his mistakes and took responsibility.


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