Summary Of Julius Caesar By William Shakespeare

July 16, 2021 by Essay Writer

Julius Caesar was a popular leader of the Rome Republic. When he was born it was a new chapter in Roman history. When he turned 31, he was going into several wars and got involved in Roman politics. After several alliances he became the dictator of Roman Empire, he made a rule that only lasted a year before he died. He was married three times their names were Cornelia, Pompeia, and Calpurnia. He had a daughter named Julia Caesar. He was born on July 12, 100 BC in Rome.

In act 3 scene 1 was when Caesar was murdered. The two main men that planned on killing Caesar was Cassius and Brutus. Cassius was a long time political foe of Caesar. Brutus on the other hand, he was a close friend of Caesars. Brutus and Cassius had their reasons why they planned to kill Caesar. Cassius just wanted the kingdom all to himself, he doesn’t care about the people in Rome he only cares about himself. Cassius sees that killing Caesar that it is a way to gain more power. He planned to get Brutus on his side knowing that Brutus is one of Caesar closest friend. Cassius persuade Brutus into killing Caesar by telling him, think about what’s best for the people in Rome. Cassius is quick to make decisions but Brutus analyzes things before coming to a final decision.

The time came for everything to go as planned for Cassius and Brutus. Caesar enters the public square, the conspirators are restrained and concerned when Popilius wishes them well. They were so nerves that they were unable to determine what Popilius means when he says “I wish your enterprise today may thrive.” They almost were acting like they were dangerous but Brutus calmed them down also makes them wait to see if Caesar is put on guard. The first bad thing that happened in this scene was the words that Popilius said that got them thinking why he said that. The conspirators mocked Caesar with their courtesies. One of the conspirators, Metellus Cimber kneels before Caesar asked him his banished could return to Rome, but Caesar ends up embarrassing him. Cimber is a “base spaniel fawning.” It actually didn’t bother Cimber because it was his plan to get close to Caesar to be able to kill him and to keep others who may help Caesar away. Every conspirator surrounds him in a circle and kneels before him. They were telling him some kind words when Caesar shows himself off while the conspirators were surrounding him. They were going to kill him right at that moment but the conspirators turned their backs on him, and they were missing someone named Mark Antony. Cassius was asking for him noticing that all the conspirators will not be able to hold the kingdom together also knowing that Mark is a troublemaker. When Mark comes back he finds Caesar body lying on the floor while the people that killed Caesar were over him with his blood all over the murders.

Caesar shows off the audience his leadership style. He ignores the two warnings that Popilius told him. When the audience members sees Caesar dead body they will have to decide for themselves to what to do to his death.Brutus and Antony were the critical characters in this scene . Antony is a marked man in Rome. He thinks to save his own life he has to cooperate with the conspirators. The audience can see that he is a very good manipulator. Antony tells the conspirators to kill him too knowing that the will not do it, he has already pledged his loyalty to them. Antony knows if you have a senator on your side it would have to be Brutus and the conspirators known.When Brutus gives Antony his trust so does Cassius. No one knew that the conspirators didn’t have a real plan in place for the new government but Antony was the one to find that out. The senators gave Brutus a new name as the new Caesar but he didn’t formally accept the position. Antony claims he’s affected by seeing Caesar dead body on the ground that day. Cassius was concerned of what Antony would say at the funeral. Brutus handles Caesar’s death with honor and politesse. He tries stopping Cinna and Cassius from going to tell all the people the news by themselves, trying to get everyone to wait and do tell them together. Brutus ends up like the roll of being a leader, giving confident orders in a time of Caesar’s death. Brutus tries getting Antony trust again behind Cassius back. Brutus thinks he can out smart Antony. If he explains how the conspirators’ reacted to the people they will definitely understand him. A lot of people killed Caesar and the ones who did lied about everything so one of them rule. Antony has different thoughts about Caesar’s death. Antony had always been the truthful one telling Caesars the warning and predictions. Although Caesar did not listen, the warnings were still there. The reason Caesar was killed is because he wanted to be appointed as a God. The senators didn’t want that while he was still alive. The reason why Caesar wanted to be God was because he heard of Jesus Christ being called the son of God. One of his governors named Pilate had Jesus Christ crucified. After Caesar death Rome became less as wealthy as before, and after civil wars and hunger Rome found a good ruler to rule Rome.

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