Story Of Anne And Peter In The Diary of Anne Frank

December 9, 2020 by Essay Writer

Have you ever misjudged and disliked an individual only to become close to them after realizing your first judgement was wrong? Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett’s interpretation of The Diary of Anne Frank tells the story of two Jewish families in the Holocaust in Amsterdam. They must hide in a secret annex hidden in a building to evade Nazi persecution. Over their two years spent in the annex, the eight inhabitants experience many challenges such as food shortage and fear of being discovered. This causes much stress for the families. Such issues, along with the annex members being together for every minute of each day for two years, brought some people apart, though it also strengthened many relationships. An example of the second situation is the relationship between Anne Frank, the keeper of the diary, and Peter Van Daan, a seemingly shy and awkward young boy living alongside Anne in the annex. Anne and Peter’s relationship developed from a relationship between two people characterized by taunting and bickering, to a relationship between to dear friends who love each other more than almost anyone else in the world.

As Anne and Peter became familiarized with one another, they were unable to stand each other. In fact, they could hardly be in the same room without one irritating the other. As she is being taunted by Peter, Anne shouts at him, “You are the most intolerable, insufferable boy I’ve ever met…With all the boys in the world…Why I had to get locked up with one like you!” And Peter teases, “Quack quack quack, and from now on stay out of my room!” (30). Anne then trips him as he storms away. This scene shows how Peter and Anne thought they despised each other, and were constantly trying to aggravate one another. They would fight and put each other down so often that they were not able to tolerate one another. Anne used to wish Peter was a girl so she could have someone to confide in. From this time period in their friendship, we should learn to give people a greater chance, more than just a few first impressions, before we treat them the way Anne and Peter treated each other. The children could have been great friends from the start of their stay in the annex if they did so, and therefore they could have had a much less lonely first year and a half in their hiding place.

After several months Anne and Peter begin to have deep conversations and confide in one another. This resulted in them becoming wonderful friends and visiting each other multiple times every day. Anne shows how much she cares for Peter when her mother is threatening to kick the Van Daan family out of the annex after Peter’s father stole food in a time of shortage. Anne exclaims, “No, Peter! No! I don’t care about the food. They can have mine! I don’t want it! Only don’t send them away. It’ll be daylight soon. They’ll be caught…” (108). This shows Anne’s level of care for Peter by her willingness to sacrifice her meals and stand up for him. There is hardly enough food for the annex members to sustain themselves, yet Anne is willing to give all of hers to save Peter. She also fights for and defends him against her infuriated mother. Peter and Anne had become such close friends that they almost began to fall in love. From the developments in their relationship we can learn that many people are different than you imagine after knowing them for a short period of time. Peter began to realize this about Anne towards the end of the play, and they ended up loving one another greatly.

Anne and Peter’s relationship evolved from one consisting of solely taunting and teasing to a relationship of best friends who fight and stand up for each other. As they finally give each other a chance as friends they find that they truly love being around one another. From their relationship we should learn not to judge people’s characters abruptly, for it could possibly ruin a wonderful future friendship. Anne and Peter’s relationship is a symbol of most people in everyday society who do not get to know others before creating a negative image of that person in their minds. These people might have ended up as the closest friends if they were not so quick to judge. We should learn from this relationship development to be more friendly with everyone, for it might cause you to be a much friendlier person, and maybe fill the world with a little less hate.

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