Skin Cancer Prevention And Early Detection Literature Review Example

April 13, 2022 by Essay Writer

The scholarly research “Behavioral determinants of successful early melanoma detection” was produced by nurses of the Department of Dermatology – Swetter, Pollitt, Johnson, Brooks, and Geller – examines the relationship between reduced melanoma mortality rates and improved understanding of factors associated with early melanoma detection. The fundamental purpose of the research was to determine how strong associations of melanoma, e.g. thinner or thicker tumors, and behavioral factors of particular individuals influence their chances of successful early melanoma detection. According to the authors of the research, their primary purpose was to “investigate the associations among self- and physician examination practices and thinner melanoma at diagnosis, to more effectively formulate clinical and public health strategies for early melanoma detection” (Swetter, Pollitt, Johnson, Brooks, & Geller, 2011, p. 3726).
Another scholarly research “Melanoma Early Detection with Thorough Skin Self-Examination: The “Check It Out” Randomized Trial” was produced by MDs and PhDs in Nursing – Weinstock, Risica, Martin, Rakowski, Dube, and other authors. As of today, Monthly Thorough Skin Self-Examination (TSSE) is considered to be “an important practice for early detection of melanoma that is performed by a small minority of the population” (Weinstock et al., 2011, p. 517). The fundamental purpose of this research was to explore the effectiveness of such self-examination practices on the basis of the experiment involving over 1,300 participants. “The central irony in the melanoma epidemic is that most fatal melanomas were visible on the surface of the skin in a curable phase of their evolution, yet no one either noticed or responded to them in time” (Weinstock et al., 2011, p. 523). Taking into consideration that early skin cancer detection is one of the primary factors reducing melanoma mortality rates, another purpose of the authors was to raise awareness of crucial importance of monthly self-examination and, consequently, contribute to the substantial reduction of mortality from this disease.


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Weinstock, M., Risica, P., Martin, R., Rakowski, W., Dube, C., Berwick, M., Lasater, T. (2011). Melanoma Early Detection with Thorough Skin Self-Examination: The “Check It Out” Randomized Trial. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 32(6), 517-524. Retrieved January 29, 2016.


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