Short Overview on Book ‘Twilight’

June 7, 2022 by Essay Writer

Twilight is book that I read and its about a girl named Bella and the one vampire that she fell in love with named Edward. The girl named Bella moved to a tiny town where it rains a lot called the Town of Forks, Washington, to live with her dad after her mom marries another man. Bella hates the rain but the thing is that she is fitting in better in the Forks then she did in the huge school she went in Arizona. When it was all settled in the Town of Forks, on her first day of school shes sees a boy named Edward, She really fell in love and couldn’t stop thinking about him, by all his looks, but for some reason the first time he talked to her was really odd and negative, and then also hears that he wants to move out of the class that they had together. He slowly becomes less hateful to her. Edward also warns her that it would be better if he would stay away from her. After a couple days Bella almost gets ran over by a crazy driver in a van, Edward saves her life. Bella was so surprised and didn’t understand how he did it. But before the accident Bella saw Edward standing on the other side on the parking lot. But she managed to save her life and she was really flattered and at the same time shocked.

One day there were a group of students that take a trip to the ocean, and Bella tags along with them and she meets a boy named Jacob, he is a son of Bella’s dads friend. And Jacob tells Bella about vampires and that they do not belong on the reservation they stayed that and they do not eat humans and humans cannot be there food. Bella began to have this feeling that it is true. She says that even if it is true, Bella didn’t care. Then Bella Finally decides to confront Edward about it and He explains everything to her and tells her the truth. He tells her why She should stay away from him, even if he doesn’t hunt humans. Edward was harassed by Bella’s smell and couldn’t refuse her, and she couldn’t stay away. Edward had a huge crush on her and also did not want her to go away and he was scared to push her away, Even if it was for her own safety, He did not want her to go away from him.

One day, Edward was hanging out with his family and he wanted to bring Bella along with him to watch them play a game they played with there family. Then there was a vampire that comes and he was more violent that caught a smell of Bella, But Edward was defending her from the violent vampire. Edward had a power that he can read minds and on the Violent vampires mind says that “He wont give up until he kills Bella. Bella and the Cullens try to think of a way to get her to safety while protecting her family, James was a vampire that was really tricky and actually tricks Bella to come see him by him self., At the moment James almost kills her but the Cullens arive in time and Edward the one that loved her saved her life. Edward had to suck the Vampire Blood out of her to save her, She was left with a few broken bones and a cut on her face. Soon enough Bella finally goes back to the Town of Forks, Edward surprisingly comes up to her and asks her to go to prom with him. She tells Edward that she wanted to be like him and become into a vampire like him to with him forever, But He was against because she has other choices and like and didn’t want her to lose her family that she had.


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