Sexism and the Founding Fathers Essay

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Notably, there is an argument that the Founding Fathers of America did not take into consideration the issue of sexism when they considered some clauses in the constitution. It has largely remained an obvious and undisputed fact that the founding fathers who framed the constitution desired the enshrined rights to be enjoyed by male whites. At the material time, the ownership of property was mainly confined in the hands of a few white male American citizens.

The inclusion of the clause that all men are created equal in the constitution has been a proposition for popularity. However, though its translations and versions are used in the day-to-day working of institutions, it is highly disputable as to whether the founding fathers desired its conclusive application (Fiorina & Morris, 67).


Other strong wording in the constitution to affirm the independence has been said to have had their limited application to the free white men only. The doubts based on the founders’ wording of the constitution are based on the notion that women had to fight for their rights two centuries prior to the drafting of the constitution. Some writers have stated that the framers of the constitution were insecure and hypocrites.

Much unnecessary credit has been given to them with little regard to their numerous weaknesses. The praises that they get are exaggerated and have ignored the fact that they were human beings and subject to human weaknesses. There is a substantial body of knowledge showing that the founders were racists and sexists(Fiorina & Morris, 69).

In the wording of the constitution, there are pronouns that have been used in the place of both men and women. Some individuals have used this to suggest the existence of equality in the constitution. This has been disputed though, and valid questions have been raised, which are meant to show that people did not mean women. There are people who support the notion that women were not considered during the drafting of the constitution. Therefore, it is clear that some individuals believe that the founding fathers designed a constitution for every American citizen, either male or female (Miroff, Swanstrom&Seidelman, 26).

This notion has been largely supported. There are those who have relied on Article five of the constitution whereby women are accorded equal rights during trials. Women have all through exercised their rights under the Amendment. This means that women formed people in the drafting of the constitution. It has been argued that women and those men without property have been offered many other rights in the constitution.

The supporters of the notion that women have been accorded equal rights have based their arguments on the fact that women have been treated like men before the law. These proponents have also indicated that to contend that the founding fathers were sexists, and racist it would be an untrue generalization. The strong point the women have been subjected to massive discrimination, and that they could not be allowed to vote is a valid idea (Fiorina & Morris, 65).


The fact that the times preceding the drafting of the constitution have largely been used by some political scholars to prove that the founding fathers were sexists. There are those opposed to the notion by stating that this notion is an unnecessary generalization. There those that state that the fact that women were not allowed to vote is a major proof that they were not considered citizens.

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