Settling in the United States Essay (Critical Writing)

October 14, 2020 by Essay Writer


Anzaldua introduces the reader to the American History and looks at how different people ended up settling in the United States. Anzaldua also gives a background of the wars that took place in the early days of the United States ad shows how different people were sent out of the American land in order to create room for dominance by others. In the process some legitimate inhabitants of the United States became aliens.

Thoughts about the Author’s Argument, Method and Evidence

According to the author, the American land will forever belong to Anglo-Americans. This explained by providing evidence of how the Anglo-American race was subjected to mistreatment and forced out of what apparently belonged to them. The author is convinced that the learning and the law of Anglo-Americans is instrumental to the growth of the United States. Despite the suffering of the Anglo-American race therefore, they are seen to be the greatest hope for the United States.

In providing evidence, the author uses a poetic approach and quotes reputable Americans. Stories told by the author’s parents are also a clear indication of the fact that legitimate inhabitants of the United States were denied an opportunity to take hold of what was rightfully theirs. They were refused the right to bury their dead at designated places so as to make it difficult for them to claim ownership of any part of the American land. As explained by the author, most of those displaced ended up settling along the borders of the present day United States.

Quote or Passage that Seemed Significant

According to the author, only those in power are considered to be the legitimate inhabitants of the United States. Consequently, any other person is regarded as an alien. It is thus imperative to be associated with whites so as to become legitimate. As pointed out earlier, this reasoning is misleading as far as the author is concerned.

As can be deduced from the author’s arguments, real power rests with indigenous Americans who, apparently, belong to the Anglo-American race. Mexicans, for example, are seen to be true inhabitants of the United States despite having been kicked out by others who now claim ownership of what is considered to be their property. As a result of the numerous attacks that were witnessed, many people chose to flee and seek safety in other locations. Unfortunately, some of those evicted from the United States were led to isolated places and shot dead. Within a span of only a few months, many innocent people had lost their lives under the attack of Texas troops.

Possible Connections to American Studies

There is a very strong connection between the author’s argument and American studies. Historically, the United States has been dominated by whites. For a very long time, blacks and other minority groups in the United States have been viewed as non-legitimate citizens. As a result, minority groups in the United States discriminated upon in areas such as education, justice, as well as politics and employment. Unlike their white counterparts, blacks and other minority groups have to really work hard in order to make it in a land that is highly dominated by the white community.


To a large extent, the text points to the fact that America is what it is today because of the foundation laid down during its formative years. Despite the fact that the perception of blacks among the white community has changed over the years, there is need to do more in order to create ensure equality.

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