Sample Literature Review On Cosmetics Brands In Ireland

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Literature Review: Cosmetic Brands

Literature Review

Ireland has one of the leading and the best cosmetics. For example most of the skincare brands come from Ireland. It provides a good platform for analyzing women’s perception regarding cosmetic brands. In the bid of doing this it takes an exercise of review literatures providing information regarding interest women have on cosmetic brands, their positive and negative experience and their opinion regarding how brand deals with them.

Why women are interested in the cosmetics brand

Sondor et al (2007, 89) asserts that women are interested in the brand because they want a product which will not affect them but one which has been tested by many and proven to be the best. Branding is one of the greatest aspects when it comes to the choice of which one may choose to use. It has to be a brand which has been accepted in the market. They need a brand of a certain class which will make look more appealing. This is because we live in a world where looks says a lot and everyone wants what will make her look more gorgeous, appealing and attractive (Roth, 1995, 60).

Positive of and negative women’s experiences in dealing with different cosmetics brands

Positive experience
Women have experienced very many benefits in using different brands and some of the benefits are discussed below.
Physical appearance: Uses of different cosmetic brands have made women to appear more attractive and beautiful. They are able to blend in different colors in their dressing codes hence making them to be more attractive.
Feeling of social and professional success: Use of different brands has also made women to have a feel of success in their profession and even among the people around since they are more complimented and appreciated every time.
Feeling sexually attractive: Uses of different brands have made women to be sexually more attractive (Britton & Marrie, 2012). Several studies which have been conducted have shown that being more feminine, sensual make women to be sexually attractive to men.

Negative experience

Women have negative experience when different cosmetic brands perform below their required expectation. This happens when the different brand produce cosmetics that are of very low quality and other poor sales services (Rekarti, 2012, 50). When the customer maintains loyalty to the brand by buying its products recurrently, she may feel disappointed when the brand start selling products of very low quality and as a result they may be tempted to change loyalty to other rival brands.

Customer’s opinions regarding the way cosmetics brand deal with their complaints

There are some negative feedback from the customer, for instance the poor communication link between the different cosmetic brands. When a customer has a complain to raise, the customer care communication desk take long before answering their calls and sometimes their call go without being answered.
The customers also raised the issue of lack of proper guide on how to apply the cosmetics. They raised the issue that the different brand companies neglected them on now they could apply the cosmetics to avoid any negative side effect that could come as a result of the cosmetics. They said that the brand companies were only interested in the money that they received from the customers without considering how the customers would use the brands or the impacts of the brand to the customers.
Some of the customers gave positive feedback, they explained that some of the brands responded quick to the complaints when they raised the issues of poor quality service delivery. The cosmetic brand that was responsible for the poor quality of service delivery responded by training its sales representatives across the republic of Ireland so that its customers could receive better services in the market (Upamannyu & Bhakar, 2014, 300).


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