“Romeo and Juliet” as One of Shakespeare’s Most Famous Plays

July 16, 2021 by Essay Writer

Romeo and Juliet, one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, narrates the tragic love story of two teenagers from different houses hating each other, who are destined to die this young but had chances, especially Romeo, for taking a different track towards their fatal ending. Romeo doesn’t figure this out so just acts by following his own desires making him an egocentric impulsive, carefree character who thinks everything lies in fate and lacks consciousness. The young man’s flaw was being a less thinking and more acting character by his impulsiveness.

Romeo, Romeo, why are you such a stickler, oh romeo? Romeo’s fatal flaw is his impulsiveness due to his lack of consciousness towards his actions and decisions but, is his egocentrism making him this awful way. Right at the beginning of the story, we don’t have a good first impression of the character. What kind of “perfect boy”, as he is painted by readers will forget the excitement he had towards Rosaline. Doesn’t this action seems like he first wanted Juliet as a replacement for Rosaline, for forgetting her, just like for nowadays the people who date someone else right after breaking with someone. And I say is selfish because he was thinking in being accompanied instead of making her happy, he kisses her so fast for his own desire, not thinking of how shocking will that is, or the compromise he was doing.

As the story advances, we see how he acts so selfishly his friend pays the consequences of his flaw {quote} so he wanted so badly to be friends with Juliet’s family that he forgot his own family. Romeo seems like a carefree boy, he has no plans and just doesn’t thinks at all. He constantly risks himself. Sometimes like when they were entering the ball and he said “I fear, too early; for my mind misgives/Some consequence yet hanging in the stars/Shall bitterly begin his fearful date”Page 200). We feel he knows something is wrong but just doesnt cares what will happen.

Maybe he is blinded “by love” but that’s not an excuse for acting dumb and showing not preoccupation at all{quote of he knowing is a capulet not he doesnt shows an appropriate reaction like juliet but it keeps on insisting it seems he is leaving his safe in fate’s care, sadly he decides to stop this incorrect behavior and try to make things work his way too late and not because he decided to stop being carefree,{quote defy u stars} but was just an impulse of his feelings because of this situation and that he shows no reflection and blames his destiny just as he did before since it didn’t acted on his favor.

At the beginning of the play, we are notified of how will they end up, just how will it end but that the path taken to it can be changed by them. The young man also receives warnings, specially by the friar Lawrence, he had the chance to think and analyze his feelings but reacts with paying more attention of him being “insulted” rather than hearing him and completely ignores the best advice he could had received but doesn’t minds thinking about it or taking in consideration that the friar is trying to help , he rather not think of the weight in the back this could be for the Friar and all for his impulsiveness. Our protagonist shows disinterest for Juliet, Mercutio, Friar and Balthazar so far, and he even does it again with the apothecary.

In general, Romeo’s impulsiveness digs his own grave with the ones close to him by not controlling his emotions and acting before thinking. Recapitulating, Romeo in the worst situation ever kisses Juliet because he felt like it, after this, he suddenly decides to make her his in the fastest way, rushily since his words weren’t working just, as he decided to replace Rosaline since it was the easiest way of getting his feelings fulfill. After hearing from Paris, without knowing him neither thinking of why he was here he kills him shamelessly for his own sadness and desperation. And at the very end we close with a, just pure impulsiveness.

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