Role of Money in the American Dream’s Concept Essay

September 29, 2020 by Essay Writer

I have heard and met successful people in the United States of America who started their businesses with little capital. Many people around the world also believe that when you work in the United States of America you get rich quickly.

However, after being in the United States of America for more than two decades, my perception about the American dream changed when I realized it is beyond earning extra dollars. American dream means freedom of opportunities, which are available to all the Americans irrespective of where they live. According to the third circle theory, human beings succeed in life depending on their actions on what they observe daily.

Therefore, most Americans have become successful by observing those who have migrated to the country with a positive mind to succeed and thus opening up their minds. The actions of successful people have affected many people in the society that American dream means earning millions of dollars and accumulating wealth more than other people in other countries around the globe.

Most people associate success with money, which leads to misunderstanding that when you have a lot of wealth then you are among the most successful people. The misconception arises when one knows nothing else as the measure of success other than money. Such a person beliefs that opportunity only rewards in monetary form.

Many people lack the meaning of the American dream because they are always looking forward to find opportunity and fail to realize that the opportunity to succeed is always around them in the work they do daily. Most students like having fun first after graduating but due to unemployment and huge debts they have by the time they complete their studies they believe there is nothing like American dream.

The American dream means exploiting every available opportunity to work and earn money. Wealth cannot be accumulated by being idle and hopping to earn millions of dollars in a day. The dream means being ready to work even if one is paid little at the start hoping that as work progresses the level of income will increase or one would get another better paying job or business.

For people to succeed financially, they do not have to be employed. They can start their organizations and become their own chief executive officers or accept the little wage they underrate in the low paying organizations because it is still higher than what people that are more educated are earning in other states outside the United States of America.

The Americans should embrace any work at their exposure even if it seems the wrong choice when analysed by friends and colleagues especially when an individual with a high level of education does a low paying job. Working with hope for a better opportunity exposes one’s mind to be more creative and belief that it is possible to achieve anything when you focus your mind on it. With a positive mind to succeed, one does not have to be educated in order to get rich although education is an added advantage.

American dream therefore means the ability for one to discard the idea that it is his or her right to accumulate a lot of wealth. It means thinking that everybody has the right to engage in any employment regardless of the pay or start any business even when the capital one has is little and hope to get reach while working. Americans should stop thinking just about money and start defining their life with an entrepreneurial mind in order to enter higher levels required in the third circle.

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