Review Of The Homer’s Odyssey

March 18, 2021 by Essay Writer

The Homer’s Odyssey was written in second right after the Iliad. When I think about this epic I think about a long boring poem but it is not that even that. The Odyssey is one of the two major Greek epic poems. The Odyssey mainly focuses on many Greek heroes, this epic was written to be performed to musical accompaniment. In the Odyssey the God’s play a critical role and there are so many gods in Greek mythology that it can become very confusing. The Odyssey epic poem, is the presence of God and variety of Goddess it is also concrete because in this epic, mortals have the abilities to talk them, to see them and to feel their presences around them.

In Homer’s Epic, what has really attracted people attention is the fact that God has the highest love and has been with them throughout the journey. The most important role God play in the Odyssey that God has the power to be praised and loved. As many individuals did not know God’s relationship with humans is manifest which makes the roles in peoples live in the epic. These Gods in the epic play a great role in each characters life but sometimes the gods are not treated godly. The will of the everlasting gods don’t change so quickly, it’s hard to change God minds in the Odyssey but not impossible. In the epic The Odyssey God works to help a men, and make them become strong and brave. As I learned the gods are very responsible for constructing fate to get the humans to do what they want, or are willing to do.

Do humans have a free will? I believe that we do have a free will, taking control of their lives regardless of what the gods would try to manipulate them to do because they will have a free will. As the Athens showed so much dislike to the Odysseus, in these case the line between the two showed a lot of divine intervention within human’s free will. Divine intervention often an integral part of ancient epic poetry as seen in the Odyssey. All the intervention that Athene does in the book is so that she can help Odysseus as much as she can, because she likes him. Another person is Poseidon which also intervenes after Odysseus and company visits the cyclops, Polyphemus, Poseidon son, and blinds him. This makes Odysseus seem like a stranger characters, being looked out for by a Goddess, and makes him seem like an unbeatable hero.

The first time she interferes with the plot in the council meeting of the gods. As well as intervening at the end of the book, he also intervened to take revenge of the sun-god. In conclusion, the Odyssey played a lot parts of today’s world as far as, the gods, how they had control of the humans, and people free will. This epic poems is one of my favorites and shows so much detail and structure. The odyssey also explains the struggles that Odysseus had to overcome to return home, which if you think about it this is the same thing people go through today.

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